Posted 20 сентября 2022,, 17:35

Published 20 сентября 2022,, 17:35

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Serfdom actors. Why are the political statements of musicians so disliked by the authorities?

20 сентября 2022, 17:35
Дмитрий Михайличенко
The Russian ruling class still perceives musicians, singers, artists and athletes as dependent servants, not political actors.

Dmitry Mikhailichenko, political analyst

"There is a clear demand for entertainment and leisure in society: there are almost no international competitions with the participation of Russian athletes, comedians and comedians are recognized as foreign agents, cinemas are deprived of the opportunity to show films from Hollywood, and society is tired of news about SMO in Ukraine.

Now the authorities need the support of musicians and creative intelligentsia, and Pugacheva's statement produces not only undesirable social, but also negative internal effects in show business.

All this presents difficulties for the authorities, but is unlikely to force a change in the way of thinking of the ruling class. Musicians and athletes in configuration are perceived as dependent servants, not political actors. Little has changed here since the time of the ancient Roman gladiators and serf theaters among the Russian nobles.

Actually, that is why any political statements by musicians and singers present such difficulties for the authorities. And that is why such a point of view looks like an anachronistic mistake of the ruling class in terms of technologies of domination in the information society".

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