Posted 20 сентября 2022,, 17:39

Published 20 сентября 2022,, 17:39

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What combat vehicles will Slovenia supply to Ukraine

What combat vehicles will Slovenia supply to Ukraine

20 сентября 2022, 17:39
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According to experts, the T-55 tanks, although modernized, are not suitable for modern combat, but only for crew training.

According to media reports, Slovenia will give Ukraine 28 M-55S tanks as military assistance, and in return will receive equipment from Germany. The Oboronka channel explains that this tank is a deep modernization of the Soviet T-55 tank:

“He got a new fire control system, Israeli Super Blaser dynamic protection and the main 105-mm L7 gun. Most likely, the M426 armor-piercing sub-caliber shells made under license - a copy of the German DM63 for this caliber - will act as ammunition. According to data from open sources, Soviet tanks, starting from the T-72B of the 1985 model, can only be hit on board at a real combat distance. However, for this you need to have good mobility - the M55S received an increase of only 80 hp. (from 520 hp to 600 hp) with a weight increased by several tons. With a more powerful 850 hp engine. only one tank was built, designated the M-55S1.

Another issue regarding ammunition is the presence of high-explosive fragmentation shells. Israel produces them under the designation M110, but whether Slovenia bought them (and if so, in what quantity) is unknown. Thus, the M-55S as an anti-tank unit looks ineffective, and the use of infantry support on the battlefield is questionable. (...) That is, it is an illiquid asset, which Slovenia tried to get rid of back in 2018, but did not find buyers (then they asked for 820 thousand dollars for one car)..."

However, experts note that these tanks can be used for crew training.

But analyst Ilya Kramnik is sure that these tanks of the Ukrainian army will come in handy:

“A somewhat dismissive attitude towards tanks among the townsfolk is due to the fact that we see videos where the tank burns after a successful hit, but there are no videos where he, having rolled up a bunch of burnt minced meat with iron, moves away further on his tank business. Well, it's hard to take them off.

Almost any post-war tank with a working sight and a trained crew, operating as part of an organized battle formation, is a deadly threat to everything that may appear on the battlefield. Old tanks are easier to knock out than new ones, and they see worse (if they haven’t been upgraded), but for an infantryman and light armored vehicles this is just as death as new ones.

No need to laugh at tanks. They'll still have the last laugh..."