Posted 21 сентября 2022,, 09:32

Published 21 сентября 2022,, 09:32

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Mobilization will not affect State Duma deputies and senators

Mobilization will not affect State Duma deputies and senators

21 сентября 2022, 09:32
Фото: Максим Блинов / РиаНовости
The partial mobilization of the population announced in Russia will not affect State Duma deputies and senators.

They, as well as other important officials who have a reservation, will be granted a deferment from conscription, Kommersant reports.

The State Duma had previously proposed mobilizing deputies, but it turned out that they were not subject to conscription.

“The postponement is granted to senators and deputies of the State Duma”, - the message says.

Also, a delay will be given to employees of defense enterprises.

The start of mobilization in Russia was announced by President Putin in an address to the nation on September 21.

On the same day, a corresponding decree was published on the Kremlin website, which took effect immediately. In accordance with the presidential decree, the government sends the funds necessary for mobilization activities to the regions.

It is expected that about 300,000 reservists will be drafted into the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces.

The day before, State Duma deputies adopted in the second and third readings a law amending the Criminal Code on liability for desertion during wartime, for looting, destruction of weapons and military equipment, as well as surrender. Thus, the document was supplemented with the concepts of "mobilization", "martial law" and "wartime".