Posted 23 сентября 2022, 11:02

Published 23 сентября 2022, 11:02

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Great redistribution: Moldova can offer Ukraine Transnistria in exchange for Bukovina

23 сентября 2022, 11:02
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The Moldovan authorities intend to resolve the long-standing conflict around the unrecognized Transnistrian Republic as soon as possible.

As is known, along with Ukraine, military conflicts have flared up in many other regions of the former USSR, and in addition, at least one more is smoldering in Moldova, of which the unrecognized Transnistrian Republic is a part. Analysts have repeatedly warned that extremely unpleasant events there could happen at any moment, since Transnistria, where the Russian military contingent is stationed, borders on Ukraine.

The Moldovan authorities seem to be intent on speeding up the solution of this sore problem: two days ago, speaking from the rostrum of the United Nations, the President of this country Maia Sandu, in particular, said: “The illegal presence of the Russian military in Transnistria violates our neutrality. We demand their immediate withdrawal."

In her blog, she writes: “I spoke about the Republic of Moldova as a future member state of the European Union. I emphasized that by submitting an application for EU membership, Moldova chose democracy over autocracy, freedom over oppression, peace over war, and prosperity over poverty. (…)

Moldova knows what it means to be a state divided by conflicts – we all remember the tragic war of 1992, the consequences of which are still being felt. I am convinced that the only way to integrate our country is through peaceful dialogue and respect for our sovereignty and territorial integrity.

I also spoke about the fact that the illegal presence of the Russian military in the Transnistrian region violates our neutrality and increases security risks. Moldova insists on the complete and unconditional withdrawal of Russian troops stationed on the left bank of the Dniester and the liquidation of the ammunition depot in Kolbasna…”

In addition, quite recently, as reported by the channel "Kremlevskaya laundress", a deputy of the Moldovan parliament from the Action and Solidarity party controlled by Maia Sandu, Vasile Shoimaru, unexpectedly called for "give" Pridnestrovie to Ukraine. To cede, so to speak, the territory of the unrecognized republic, where the Operational Group of Russian troops is stationed.

Washington has long been demanding the removal of the Russian military from there. “We could cede the Transnistrian region to Ukraine, asking for historical Bessarabia and Bukovina to Chernivtsi in return,” the deputy said.

By the way, in early September, the former commander of US troops in Europe, now head of the department of strategic studies at the Center for European Policy Analysis, Ben Hodges, said: “Perhaps it is time for Ukraine and Moldova to resolve the Transnistrian issue. The Kremlin cannot stop it at this stage.”

All these statements, as expected, provoked a harsh reaction from Russian patriots. So, the channel "Country Z" writes:

“Moldovan President (and Romanian citizen) Maia Sandu delivered a speech at the UN. It is clear that the speech was dedicated to Russia. And who else?

In particular, it was stated: “The illegal presence of the Russian military in Transnistria violates our neutrality. We demand their immediate withdrawal".

Neutrality lies in the comprehensive support of Ukraine and the use of Moldova as a transit point for Western weapons and Ukrainian wounded.

It is clear that Sandu can demand anything: the Russian group of troops is on the territory of Transnistria at the invitation of the local authorities, who do not recognize Chisinau's power over them.

Maybe Russia should finally recognize the independence of Transnistria, without waiting for missiles to fly there from Moldova?”