Posted 23 сентября 2022,, 08:51

Published 23 сентября 2022,, 08:51

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The military commissar of the Irkutsk region announced the likelihood of conscripts of limited fit for service

23 сентября 2022, 08:51
The military commissar of the Irkutsk region, Yevgeny Fuzhenko, during a press conference, said that citizens with category "B" in the military ID are subject to partial mobilization, and also indicated the condition under which their conscription is possible.
Irkutsk region

“Citizens who have category “B” on their military ID are subject to partial mobilization, but they will be called up last”, - Fuzhenko said (quoted from Ircity).

Category "B" - limited fit - persons who did not serve in the army due to health problems.

The military commissar of the region emphasized that citizens corresponding to the first and second categories will be mobilized first of all.

“These are, for example, soldiers, sailors, sergeants, warrant officers and warrant officers under 35 years old, junior officers under 50 years old, majors, lieutenant colonels under 55 years old, colonels under 60 years old, senior officers up to 65 years old”, - the publication notes.

Prior to this, the secretary of the Human Rights Council (HRC) under the President of the Russian Federation, Alexander Tochenov, stated that those with limited fitness for military service are not subject to partial mobilization.

“Those who are fit for service cannot be mobilized, they will not be called up anywhere according to the law”, - Tochenov explained on September 21 in an interview with RIA Novosti .