Posted 26 сентября 2022, 07:38

Published 26 сентября 2022, 07:38

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Ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Alexey Zhuravko was killed during shelling of a hotel in Kherson

26 сентября 2022, 07:38
Фото: Соцсети
As a result of a missile attack on the Play Hotel in the center of Kherson, Alexey Zhuravko, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 5th and 6th convocations, was killed this morning (pictured).

Information about this was confirmed by the deputy head of the military-civilian administration (CAA) of the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov in an interview with TASS.

“Yes, Zhuravko died, unfortunately. Just talked to him yesterday. I have no words. He was in a hotel, they hit right on it. Again, there are no military facilities there”, - Stremousov said (TASS quote).

Prior to this, Interfax reported similar information , citing sources in emergency services. According to the preliminary version, as a result of a rocket attack on a hotel in Kherson, two people were killed.

Debris is being cleared at the scene. The CAA of the Kherson region called the incident a planned terrorist attack.