Posted 26 сентября 2022,, 07:24

Published 26 сентября 2022,, 07:24

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More than 30% of IT specialists have left the country or plan to relocate

More than 30% of IT specialists have left the country or plan to relocate

26 сентября 2022, 07:24
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About 6% of specialists employed in the IT field have already left Russia this year, another 25% are going to move next year, according to the results of a survey by the HR holding Ventra, which bought the Russian business of a large international recruitment agency Kelly Services.

The study says that another 6% of IT specialists have changed their region of residence within Russia, 5% have moved abroad by 2022, and 57% have not yet moved.

19% of CEOs said their companies have relocated some or all of their employees.

Analysts pointed out that since the announcement of partial mobilization in the country - September 21 - the number of people who have emigrated or are planning to emigrate has increased. Ventra believes that if employees of an accredited IT company “involved in the development, development, implementation, maintenance and operation of information technology solutions” and ensuring the operation of the IT infrastructure are given a delay, then the percentage of relocations will be less.

All respondents also reported that their work had changed in some way this year. 22% of IT professionals noted that their business or company has received new opportunities and is growing. For 19% , on the contrary, the business closed or the company left the Russian market.

31% of managers and 21% of specialists noted that information security will develop most actively in the IT sector in the future.

Earlier, the press service of the Ministry of Digital Development reported that highly qualified specialists in the field of IT, communications and media, who were refused a deferment from mobilization, will be able to challenge it if they send a full package of documents to the department. The right to grant a deferral can be obtained by presenting an employment contract, a diploma of a specialized higher education; an extract from the register of state accreditation of the company-employer in the field of IT, certified by the authorities, as well as a certificate from the place of work of the established form.

On September 23, the Ministry of Defense clarified that some specialists from the IT, information, communications, media, and banking sectors will not be involved in military service. However, in order to apply for deferrals for such employees, employers must collect the necessary packages of documents and submit them to the General Staff.