Posted 27 сентября 2022,, 14:02

Published 27 сентября 2022,, 14:02

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The founder of Pink Floyd wrote a letter to Putin about the dangers of "playing nuclear chicken"

The founder of Pink Floyd wrote a letter to Putin about the dangers of "playing nuclear chicken"

27 сентября 2022, 14:02
One of the founders of the Pink Floyd group, Roger Waters, wrote an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he demanded answers to questions about the future of Ukraine and the whole world.

British musician Roger Waters, who previously wrote an open letter to the wife of the President of Ukraine Olena Zelenskaya and received a response to it, told his followers on social networks that many criticize him for not writing to Putin, but to Zelenskaya.

Waters said that after reading the response from the first lady of Ukraine, he was extremely moved and decided to correct the mistake he had made. In this regard, he published a new letter addressed to the head of the Russian Federation, RIA Novosti notes.

In his address, Waters demanded that Putin be held accountable for Russia's "invasion of Ukraine."

“More and more often I am asked to write to you, so here it is. First, would you like to see the end of this war? If you answered and said: “Yes, please,” it would immediately greatly facilitate the task, ”Waters wrote.

He also invited Putin to clarify whether he really "has no further territorial interests other than the security of the Russian-speaking population of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk."

“That would help too. I say this because I know some people who think that you want to take over the whole of Europe, starting with Poland and the rest of the Baltic countries”, the musician explained.

He warned that he would curse Putin if he planned to do so. Waters, who previously called U.S. President Joe Biden a "war criminal", added that "we could all stop playing the desperately dangerous game of nuclear chicken that hawks on both sides of the Atlantic seem to be comfortable with."

Waters demanded from Putin guarantees of nuclear safety for his children and grandchildren and for most of his "brothers and sisters around the world", as well as a peace treaty with Ukraine.

“Assuming that such a peace can be negotiated, it must include an absolutely binding agreement not to invade anyone else", - the musician wrote.

Waters criticized the US and NATO, which, he said, allow themselves to invade other sovereign countries "in the blink of an eye or for a few barrels of oil."

“But that doesn’t mean you should, your invasion of Ukraine took me by surprise, it was a heinous war of aggression, provoked or not,” Waters said in an address to the Russian leader.

Concluding the letter, Waters indicated that he very much hopes for a response that will help take a worthy step towards a sustainable world.

The musician illustrated his appeal on social networks with a picture with the catchphrase “make love, not war”, which became popular during the Vietnam War.

Recall that Roger Waters left Pink Floyd in 1985 after the release of the album The Final Cut to start a solo career, and, as he himself admitted, considered this the end of the group. David Gilmour disagreed , leading to the final rupture of the already badly battered relationship between the two rock greats.