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Published 29 сентября 2022,, 10:20

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Flew into oblivion: what happened to the alien Alyoshenka in 25 years

Flew into oblivion: what happened to the alien Alyoshenka in 25 years

29 сентября 2022, 10:20
A quarter of a century ago, the world learned about the alien Alyoshenka. At first, of course, not the whole world, but the inhabitants of the Ural city of Kyshtym and the Kyshtym urban district.


In ancient times, having received an invitation to come to Kyshtym for the presentation of my book published there and for a series of lectures on its topic, I immediately decided to find out everything exactly about the phenomenon of Alyoshenka and, above all, to name the first author, the primary source.

Restore journalistic justice

Perhaps the point is that at the dawn of a foggy youth, I worked for two years in regional newspapers in the North Kazakhstan and Kaluga regions. We were called - "district workers". Since then and until now, I try to say an honest and kind word about them at every opportunity. I urge colleagues from large publications to refer to them, to mention them. Because anonymous use of information from regional and city newspapers is the norm. After all, more than often information about interesting events, facts, first appears there. And then journalists from central publications “go to the places”, supplement it, and distribute it all over the world already on their own behalf. Everything seems to be normal, as a matter of fact, but ... somehow it’s still not so.

At the end of September 1996, journalist Olga Rudakova published in her city newspaper Kyshtymsky Rabochiy the correspondence “Aleshenka is pretty, who are you?”. Here, in Kyshtym, the journalist Viktor Riskin, staff correspondent of the regional newspaper, lived and worked. He published his correspondence in Chelyabinsk Rabochy.

The news traveled to Moscow for a long time. And only nine months later, in Komsomolskaya Pravda, a deafening multimillion-dollar circulation came out with a correspondence entitled “Ours discovered an alien in the Urals.”

Thus began the world fame of Kyshtym and Aleshenka. Alien!

I must say that in the West they immediately remembered another, terrible glory of this city (we didn’t know about it) - after all, it is there, in Ozersk (Chelyabinsk-40), that the infamous Mayak plant is located. (Kyshtym and Ozersk are one constituency.) The plutonium charge for the first atomic bomb was created here.

Exactly 65 years ago, on September 29, 1957, about 80 cubic meters of nuclear waste exploded at the Mayak plant (equivalent to an explosion of 70-100 tons of trinitrotoluene). About 20 million curies of radioactive substances were released into the atmosphere. The area with a population of 270,000 people in 217 settlements of the Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Kurgan and Tyumen regions turned out to be in the contamination zone. Residents of 23 villages and villages were resettled, buildings, property and livestock were burned. The consequences of that catastrophe have not been overcome to this day.

It is believed that 90% of the radiation fallout fell on the territory of the Mayak plant, near Kyshtym.

Hence the widespread opinion that Aleshenka is a human mutant, a miscarriage.

It is clear that mountains of legends, conjectures, just lies, additional information that has arisen over 25 years, including honest conjectures of eyewitnesses, have arisen around Aleshenka in 25 years. Such is human memory. For example, in British aviation, accident investigations take into account evidence recorded only in the first 40 minutes. Because at the 41st minute and beyond, the same eyewitnesses begin to speculate, compare, draw conclusions and take them for facts, say what they heard from someone ...

Our 40 minutes are long gone. But here I will cite only what I heard a few years after the events from Olga Rudakova, Vladimir Bendlin, Viktor and Mark Riskin. From those who were at the origins.

History summary

In August 1996, the investigator of the Kyshtym GOVD, Yevgeny Mokichev, conducted a case on the theft of non-ferrous metals. One of the witnesses was Vladimir Nurtdinov. He, Nurtdinov, said that he kept an incomprehensible mummy, it seems to be some kind of alien. Mokichev told his partner, also a GOVD investigator, Major Vladimir Bendlin, about this.

Bendlin went to Nurtdinov and indeed discovered the mummy. The first thought was: "It's a miscarriage!" The length is slightly more than 20 centimeters, the color is grayish-green. There are yellowish spots on the belly and sides. Limbs, spine, shoulder blades, ribs - like an underdeveloped baby.

But after a careful examination, Bendlin did not find any auricles, umbilical cord, or genital organs on the body. He was especially struck by the mummy's head. The helmet-shaped skull resembled an unopened water lily bud. From the parietal part of the head through the entire front part, a keeled protrusion passed in the center. There is no lower jaw at all.

Naturally, Bendlin began to ask: how, what, where. It turned out that Nurtdinov knew Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina, a resident of the village of Kaolinovy near Kyshtym, and went to her house. And I saw Alyoshenka, alive. And then I realized that it was unusual. And when Tamara Vasilievna was once again taken to a mental hospital, he found Alyoshenka already dead in an empty house. Nurtdinov took the corpse to his garage, where he alcoholized it and dried it, making a mummy.

Bendlin reported the theft of an unusual creature to the management, offered to register the incident, take explanations from Nurtdinov. But the bosses called him "a frivolous romantic" (these are the words of Bendlin), twirled his fingers at his temple and advised him to get busy, and if he has a lot of free time, they will load him to the fullest.

Then Bendlin decided to conduct the investigation himself, armed with a camera and a video camera. First of all, he photographed the mummy in Nurtdinov's house, on a red unfolded diaper rag (these shots became known to the whole world), and then showed it to the doctors.

Gynecologist Irina Ermolaeva said it was a normal miscarriage. Or an abortion victim. But the pathologist Stanislav Samoshkin had a different opinion:

"That's not a man! And for a mutant, a very strange creature. The head is assembled like a water lily, helmet-shaped, and is made up of only four bone plates. And the human skull consists of six plates, no matter how mutant or freak it may be. The bones are not cartilaginous, as it should be in a human baby, but quite normal, tubular. Which is simply impossible for a human baby. On the spiral spine I found the remains of a vellus hair. Perhaps this is an animal, but we did not study this at school and institute. It is necessary to contact the forensic medical examination and do a DNA analysis!

At that moment, it cost nothing for the police to officially order a forensic medical examination. And accordingly to capitalize the mummy. Like evidence! Hang up the inventory tag, damn it, and put it in the safe! She wouldn't go anywhere from there. And now they would not search fruitlessly for Aleshenka's mummy. But Bendlin was then dismissed. He independently requisitioned the mummy and put it in a spare home refrigerator. Having also received a scandal from his wife.

Then Bendlin found Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina's daughter-in-law in Kyshtym. Her name is also Tamara, and the surname is the same - Prosvirina. Tamara Nikolaevna. Therefore, in order to avoid confusion, we will call her daughter-in-law in the future. She told Bendlin that on June 6, 1996, she came to her mother-in-law, brought food, and she, very pleased, said: “I have a baby there, Aleshenka is pretty ... Now I will feed him.” And she led her to the bed, on which lay a tiny freak swaddled. To the frightened question of who it was, the mother-in-law repeated: “This is my baby, Alyoshenka. He's pretty. Now I'll feed him." And then she fed the creature a caramel, and then unswaddled him and began to wipe between his legs some liquid discharge, similar to water. The daughter-in-law managed to notice that Alyoshenka did not have a penis, and then she became ill ...

And she told Olga Rudakova like this:

- I saw a tiny freak. Onion head. Instead of lips - a hole. There is no chin. He stared unblinkingly, whistling softly or moaning. Or maybe that's how he breathed. I had cottage cheese with me, which he ate.

When asked by her daughter-in-law where this creature came from, Tamara Vasilyevna replied that she had found Alyoshenka in the cemetery, went there to the grave of a person close to her. (Walking to the cemetery is not accidental: her entire apartment was filled with portraits from tombstones.) There, on the grave, she supposedly saw a child, almost buried head down. I dug it out and brought it home. Having warmed up, the child seemed to ask for food, drank water with sugar, ate caramel. And in general, he ate everything that she gave him.

Soon Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina was taken to a psychiatric hospital. The paramedic Galitskova, who came to pick her up, later recalled: “In her bed there was something that looked like a swaddled cat.” Alyoshenka was left alone in the house and soon died. Here he was discovered by Nurtdinov.

Bendlin went to a psychiatric hospital, met with Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina, and made a video recording. She was shaved bald and looked emaciated. According to her, she went to the forest (not to the cemetery), and there she found Alyoshenka. Learning that Aleshenka had died, Tamara Vasilievna began to cry: “Poor thing! I told the doctors - I have a baby there ... Let me go ... "


Meanwhile, the rumor about Alyoshenka spread around Kyshtym. And one of his acquaintances advised Bendlin to turn to ufologists in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky, gave a newspaper clipping with the telephone number of the association "UFO Star Academy - contact using the Zolotov method." Literally a few hours later, strangers arrived in two cars from Kamensk-Uralsky to Kyshtym. The head of the group, a spectacular lady, began to bombard Bendlin with scientific or pseudoscientific terms, assuring that their organization was a serious scientific institution, and so on. In general, they took Alyoshenka's mummy and left.

And since then, Alyoshenka's mummy has disappeared. And that lady gave different explanations - from an alien ship to the FSB. Either due to fantasies, or due to prohibition or self-prohibition.

“We don’t respect Muscovites…”

Vladimir Bendlin filmed all stages of the investigation with a video camera. Filmed two incomplete cassettes. They are Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina, and her daughter-in-law, and, of course, Aleshenka. You can see how Bendlin measures the mummy and dictates: “Height is twenty-four centimeters. The length of the arms is eight centimeters. The width of the skull is four centimeters. The width of the pelvic bones is three centimeters ... "

When the news of the Kyshtym alien spread around the world, the first to come to Kyshtym were television crews from Japan, from the Nippon Televisions company. It was they who made the film "On the trail of the alien Aleshenka", which triumphantly passed around the world and made Aleshenka and the city of Kyshtym a world celebrity for many years. And brought to the Japanese, according to some, 2 million dollars only from sales to Europe. But the original source, the basis of the film is the shooting of Vladimir Bendlin! And he gave his cassette to them - for free!

And when, already in 2002, the film crew of the Asahi television company, Olga Rudakova, flew to Kyshtym and said: “Bendlin - you are not Bender!” Because as a result of the negotiations, Bendlin sold Asahi a copy of his cassette for $200. Bendlin's wife used the money to buy hallway furniture and wrote "Made in Japan" on the cabinet.

In general, Bendlin was cruelly deceived ... Ours were deceived. Not Japanese. Negotiations with Bendlin were conducted by Russian people accompanying the Japanese. And they laughed among themselves (I heard their conversation in the Kyshtym district editorial office): “It’s good that we didn’t have to blow this peasant big, we did it that way.”

- Understand! - Olga Rudakova told me with fervor. Bendlin reminds me of Don Quixote. Same thin, tall. And most importantly - he is addicted, honest, unable and unwilling to pronounce some kind of benefit for himself, simply naive! And these are always circled around the finger by metropolitan hustlers. After all, if not for Bendlin, nothing would have happened. Without filming Aleshenka, all the stories of witnesses are worth little! Moscow intermediaries enriched themselves on the materials of Bendlin, who immediately established contact with the Japanese, and they wiped out Bendlin from money. From his rightful and deserved reward. Since then, we have been treating Moscow with ... disdainfully, disrespectfully. They consider us, the provincials, to be suckers, but we simply neglect them, do not respect them. So write it down.

Death of mother Aleshenka

Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina died on August 5, 1999. She jumped out into the street at night without shoes, in only socks, and fell under the wheels of a speeding truck. An hour before, an unknown male voice called her daughter-in-law on the phone and inquired about her grandmother's health. Tamara Vasilievna lived in a quiet village, on a quiet street, where it is difficult to meet a truck at night.

In general, the circumstances of her death are strange.

Kyshtym Shroud

An expedition of Kosmopoisk headed by Vadim Chernobrov arrived in Kyshtym.

Vadim found Alyoshenka's genetic material - the diapers in which he was wrapped (Kyshtym shroud!). By the way, according to Chernobrov, Alyoshenka did not die of hunger, but was crushed:

“There are also traces of substances on the rag that are similar in composition to blood and brain fluid. As if on the Shroud of Turin, the outlines of the body were preserved ... According to our information, the apartment was not empty in the absence of the hostess, drunks began to gather in the house. It can be assumed that one of them either unintentionally crushed the dwarf, or did it on purpose: after all, Alyoshenka made sounds, asked for food, which means he really annoyed the drunks ... We can say that a unique creature (it seems to be of really extraterrestrial origin) died because of the notorious Russian drunkenness."

Chernobrov brought the Kyshtym Shroud to Moscow. Three genetic examinations, carried out, however, on a voluntary basis, including at the Research Institute of Physical and Chemical Biology of Moscow State University, showed that no human genes could be found in the sample.

In April 2004, Chernobrov handed over part of the obtained sample to the Institute of General Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They concluded: "The sample matches the DNA of a person with multiple developmental disabilities."

That's all. The authority of the Institute of General Genetics is beyond doubt. And his conclusion, of course, is a strong blow to the apologists of the Main Myth of the 20th and 21st centuries, those who believe in aliens. True, skeptics do not give up, they say that the genetic material on the diaper may not be Aleshenkin at all. Now, if they examined the mummy, then it would be another matter ...

About the city of Glupov

In 2002, the film crew of the Asahi television company came to Russia with the task of finding Aleshenka's mummy. Regardless of costs. Producer Deguchi Masao once mentioned that he was ready to pay 200 thousand dollars for the mummy right now, without asking permission from the Tokyo authorities. But it would be ridiculous to think that the Japanese went at random. Obviously, they had tips. The Russian people accompanying them talked about a man who allegedly now has a mummy. And he received it from his agent, the same Kamensk-Ural "ufologist". Russian assistants to the Japanese spoke about this person or organization in a cautious whisper.

Either these mysterious people and sects operate on their own, or under the roof of the special services. Most likely, everything is intertwined here. It is no secret that information about "aliens", anomalous phenomena is controlled and tracked by special services. It is possible that the "ufologist" did not act on its own.

After all, it's ridiculous to say that the mummy is gone. Finding her is easy. To do this, you need to invite the same "ufologist" to the appropriate institution - that's all. However, this is not done. Why?

In the story of Aleshenka, what is most depressing is some kind of absolute indifference, lack of curiosity, bordering on misery.

- This is what amazed the Japanese the most! Olga Rudakova exclaimed. - Producer Deguchi Masao could not understand: why did the "Russian policemen" let go of the mysterious creature? Moreover, they simply shrugged it off. “Even if this is a victim of a criminal abortion, it was still necessary to start a case and investigate! he said. “How is it, why didn’t they start it?” In his opinion, it was necessary to abandon everything else and deal only with Alyoshenka! In Japan they probably would have done that. And here Volodya Bendlin was simply hounded, they mocked him: here, they say, what nonsense the man found ... And now it turns out that we are like residents of the city of Foolov! They did not see under their noses that intrigued the whole world!

Of course, analogies arise. But the point is probably not in Kyshtym. Let's say they didn't appreciate the fact here, they brushed it aside. However, there were and are, as they say, higher authorities. And no one did anything. Maybe the mummy is really in the FSB, and the authorities do not want us to know the truth?

But there is another option - truly stupid. The authorities of the city of Glupov, as you know, were distinguished by their seething energy. But it's always out of the question. He didn't care what was going on and where. He has his own concerns. They, worries, are recorded in Foolov's Chronicler, that is, in history. Saltykov-Shchedrin noted:

“The content of the Chronicler is rather monotonous; it is almost exclusively limited to the biographies of the city governors, who for almost a whole century controlled the fate of the city of Glupov, and a description of their most remarkable actions, such as: an early ride on the post office, the energetic collection of arrears, campaigns against the townsfolk, the construction and disorder of pavements, the taxation of tax-farmers, etc. .d.”