Posted 30 сентября 2022,, 08:35

Published 30 сентября 2022,, 08:35

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From a scooter to a plane: how much does it cost to escape from Russia

From a scooter to a plane: how much does it cost to escape from Russia

30 сентября 2022, 08:35
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The cheapest way for those fleeing mobilization is to travel to Mongolia, the most expensive to Dubai

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, about half a million Russians have already left the country since the start of the special operation in Ukraine, and almost half of them in the last few days, after the announcement of partial mobilization. Of course, lovers of easy money could not help but take advantage of this in order to earn on someone else's grief. According to various estimates, only transport services for the delivery of refugees to border control points can bring up to a million rubles a day! The network publication "Company" found out the details of this business.

It turned out, for example, that even for wealthy citizens, flight costs a pretty penny: a seat in a private plane costs 1.2-1.5 million rubles, and renting an 8-seater plane costs 5-7 million rubles, which is much higher than usual.

The head of FlightWay, which is engaged in private air transportation, Eduard Simonov, said that the demand for flights to visa-free Turkey, Armenia and Georgia has grown 50 times, and no one is buying return tickets. The director of Your Charter, Yevgeny Bikov, calls an even bigger “absolutely crazy” figure: in this company, the number of requests has increased 100 times, from 50 to 5 thousand per day.

The most favorite destination for the rich is the UAE, and flying there costs, depending on the class, from 125 to 800 thousand rubles. By the way, analysts have calculated that at least 15,000 millionaires will leave Russia by the end of the year!

Well, those who are poorer flee to other countries. For example, more than 3 thousand men have already moved to Mongolia, mainly from neighboring Buryatia. The former president of the country, Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, even accused Russia of using national minorities - Buryats, Tuvans and Kalmyks - for mobilization, but promised that they would be "received with open arms" in Mongolia.

Transfer there is one of the cheapest today. For example, you can get from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar for only 6 thousand rubles, and from Ulan-Ude - even cheaper - for 5 thousand.

It will be more expensive to flee to Finland, which still lets the Russians in, but promises to stop doing so. You can get from St. Petersburg to Helsinki for an amount of 6 thousand rubles.

Flight to Georgia will cost even more. On average, a trip from Vladikavkaz to the checkpoint (checkpoint) "Upper Lars" will cost 15 thousand rubles, and with crossing the border - 30 thousand rubles. However, you can cross the border on scooters or bicycles, which local residents sold for 100,000 rubles apiece. After the mobile office of the military registration and enlistment office was deployed there, prices dropped to 10-25 thousand rubles.

Well, the main direction was Kazakhstan, for a trip to the border with which from Moscow you need to pay 20 thousand rubles. One of the companies that is engaged in such a business transports more than 50 people per day, earning more than 1 million rubles a day.