Posted 3 октября 2022,, 17:37

Published 3 октября 2022,, 17:37

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Gazprom did not rule out the restoration and launch of the blown-up Nord Stream 2

Gazprom did not rule out the restoration and launch of the blown-up Nord Stream 2

3 октября 2022, 17:37
On October 3, Gazprom announced that gas leaks from the Nord Streams exploded at the bottom of the Baltic have stopped. Simply put, all the gas came out of the pipelines. The gas giant is in no hurry to "bury" gas pipelines and hopes for a miracle.

Yekaterina Maksimova

"The pressure in line A of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and both lines of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline stabilized after the breaks, gas leaks stopped," the company commented on October 3.

Representatives of PJSC Gazprom did not directly state that they planned to partially restore the second line, but they did not rule out such a scenario either. “If a decision is made to start deliveries via Nord Stream 2 Line B, natural gas, after checking the integrity of the system and confirming this possibility by supervisory authorities, will be pumped into the gas pipeline,” Gazprom said.

Earlier, the official representative of PJSC Gazprom, Sergey Kupriyanov, said that the company was looking for a solution on how to restore the Nord Streams to work. He announced this at a meeting of the UN Security Council. At the same time, it is impossible to make any specific statements now: you need to wait for an examination of the damage sites.

The day before, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, on the air of the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin program of the Rossiya-1 TV channel, said that he did not exclude the possibility of restoring both gas pipelines. At the same time, he made a reservation: there were no such accidents yet.

"Of course, there are technical possibilities to restore the infrastructure, it takes time and appropriate funds. I am sure that appropriate opportunities will be found", - Novak said. In his opinion, unfriendly countries - America, Ukraine, Poland - are interested in sabotage with Nord Streams.

Energy expert, President of the Foundation Alexey Anpilogov previously explained that as soon as the gas leak from the damaged gas pipelines ends, sea water will rush into the pipes and serious corrosive changes in the metal inside the gas pipelines will begin. At the same time, he also did not rule out that the possibility of restoring gas pipelines remains.

“It will be a difficult operation: it will be necessary to cut off the damaged areas, seal them with valves, push excess water through them with pressure, then use a pipe-laying vessel to lift these lashes, assess their condition, carry out flaw detection, ultrasonic testing and pressure testing of the pipe for pressure, then build up the lashes with additional pipes. Similar work will need to be carried out on sections from the coast of Germany, then dock the lashes and lower them to the bottom of the Baltic Sea. After all the necessary procedures are completed, it will be possible to turn on the gas again", - Anpilogov said.

Recall that on September 26, gas leaks occurred from both strings of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline and one of the strings of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Sergei Kupriyanov noted that the violation of the tightness of gas pipelines was caused by physical damage. According to the company, there were about 800 million cubic meters of gas in the damaged gas pipelines. This volume would be enough for Denmark for three months.

Nord Streams could collectively pump more than 100 billion cubic meters of gas per year to Europe.

About $10 million was invested in the construction of Nord Stream 2. Gas pipeline-2, according to the head of PJSC Gazprom Alexei Miller, was in working condition before the emergency and could start pumping at any time. But immediately after the start of the NWO, the German government refused to certify the second "thread". And in August, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz officially assured the public that Nord Stream 2 would not be put into operation. Even despite the upcoming energy catastrophe, which Europe is predicting this winter. At the time of the accident, Nord Stream 2, which had not yet started working, was filled with technical gas.