Posted 4 октября 2022, 08:18

Published 4 октября 2022, 08:18

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Four people hospitalized in Moscow due to falling trees

4 октября 2022, 08:18
Фото: 1MI
As a result of gusty winds in Moscow, dozens of trees were felled in different parts of the capital. Fallen trees damaged about 45 vehicles. Four people were reported injured and were hospitalized with injuries.
Moscow region

“More than 70 trees were felled in different parts of the city, about 45 cars were damaged. Four people were injured, they were hospitalized”, - Interfax reports, citing its own source familiar with the situation.

The interlocutor of the agency said that the victims were hospitalized with moderate injuries, and nothing threatens their lives.

City services are working in an enhanced mode due to bad weather in the capital. According to the Moscow Municipal Economy Complex, public utilities are promptly sawing and removing fallen trees. It is noted that 300 brigades and special equipment of the Mosvodostok State Unitary Enterprise are on duty on the streets, which control the flow of water after rain.

“Strong winds with gusts up to 17 m/s will continue until the end of the day. We ask citizens to be extremely careful on the street in bad weather: do not hide under trees and do not park cars near them,” Muscovites were warned today on the Telegram channel “City of Moscow”.