Posted 4 октября 2022,, 08:54

Published 4 октября 2022,, 08:54

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Merkel believes that Europe's security structure without Russia is unthinkable

4 октября 2022, 08:54
“We must work on a common European security architecture with the participation of Russia within the framework of the principles of international law. Until we achieve this, such is the bitter realization on February 24, the cold war will not end,” Angela Merkel said the other day.

The words of the former German chancellor were commented on by journalist Alexander Peske, founder of the Russian Switzerland publishing house.

"Well? How are you? Liked? This speech was made by Mrs. Merkel in the German city of Goslar, in Lower Saxony, where she came to celebrate his anniversary. He is 1100 years old.

It was only Ms Merkel's fourth appearance since her retirement.

On Tuesday (September 27, - editor's note) she participated in the opening of the Helmut Kohl Foundation, a man who once patronized her, and whom she politically later buried.

Such twists of fate often accompany people in a political marathon.

So, in Goslar, the favorite city of King Henry III. There has been a water pipe in this city since 1400-some year, 28 witches were burned in this city, the city also belonged to the Swedes ... And whoever it belonged to.

And here in the throne room, here, Mrs. Merkel climbed onto the podium, it was not easy for her, her knee was injured, besides, she will soon be 69 years old.

So what did she say?

And this is exactly what I am talking about when discussing with my political opponents:

"A European security structure without Russia cannot exist".

Ms. Merkel said that even if from today's perspective it is completely impossible - well, for some narrow-minded European politicians - there is no alternative to this construction.

Europeans must understand that they cannot come like this, close their eyes, then open their eyes - one! - There is no Russia.

This is not the case for Western Europeans. And our Ukrainian friends and comrades will succeed even less.

Have not 2600 km of joint borders been until today? And now, it seems to me, even somewhat lengthened.

What do you think, was Mrs. Merkel understood by her fellow citizens, contemporaries? No.

Andriy Melnik, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, said that the old woman was out of her mind, since she expresses such, absolutely satanic thoughts...

And now, it seems to me, Mr. Melnik is still in some kind of looking glass, despite the fact that he represents a country with such a long border with the Russian Federation, in the immediate neighborhood; but he still somehow dreams of a world in which there will be no Russian Federation".

You can listen to the full release of Alexander Peske here.