Posted 5 октября 2022,, 13:12

Published 5 октября 2022,, 13:12

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Mobilized Kostroma resident sued the draft board

Mobilized Kostroma resident sued the draft board

5 октября 2022, 13:12
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The Kostroma courts began to receive lawsuits from conscripts challenging the decisions of the mobilization commission.

According to the press service of the Kostroma Regional Court, the consideration of the first administrative lawsuit of a local resident against the draft commission for the mobilization of the Kostroma Region and the military registration and enlistment office of the Kostroma District began on October 5 in the Sverdlovsk District Court of Kostroma.

“In support of the claims, the 45-year-old plaintiff indicated that the name and code of his military position were incorrectly indicated in the mobilization order”, - the report says.

The plaintiff added that the military commissar and the draft board did not take into account the diseases he had. He demanded that he be given the right to undergo a medical examination.

The court postponed further consideration of the conscript's lawsuit with the military registration and enlistment office until October 12, 2022. The court involved the administration of the Kostroma municipal district to participate in the case.

Earlier it was reported that in many regions of the country, the mobilized sent a flurry of complaints to the ombudsmen and military prosecutors about the illegal conscription of the sick, pensioners and large families into the army.

As a result of consideration of applications, hundreds of citizens who were mistakenly called up as part of partial mobilization had to be returned home. In the Kostroma region, there are already 50 such cases.

Earlier it was reported that military registration and enlistment offices in a number of regions began sending summonses to wheelchair users with cerebral palsy, incapacitated citizens with schizophrenia and severe autism, as well as blind people and pensioners with cerebral ischemia.

Earlier it was reported that a dying person with the last stage of liver cirrhosis was mobilized in the Sverdlovsk region. Shortly thereafter, he passed away.