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Published 5 октября 2022,, 10:35

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Regions help the families of the mobilized in different ways

Regions help the families of the mobilized in different ways

5 октября 2022, 10:35
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The governors have a new "option": to help the families of the mobilized. Wealthy Moscow and St. Petersburg will be generous with additional social support measures, but in poor regions, mothers and wives of soldiers are still being handed out sheep and frozen pollock.

Political scientists are sure that, as always, business will have to take the rap.

Yekaterina Maksimova

On Wednesday, October 5, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin signed a decree "On additional measures of social support for the families of persons called up for military service for mobilization" (No. 56-UM).

The Moscow mayor, if we omit the pathos about the fact that the city took families under special protection, announced a wide package of targeted social assistance. Most of the points from Sobyanin's decree relate to helping families with children.

Thus, the children of a mobilized person receive benefits for enrolling in kindergartens, have the right to an extraordinary transfer to another kindergarten or school close to the place of residence of the family. Parents are exempted from paying for visiting city and municipal kindergartens.

Sergey Sobyanin promised to feed schoolchildren from such families for free twice a day (breakfast, lunch). Students will also be fed at the expense of the Moscow budget. Even children from a special list will be able to attend circles and sections for free (if these are summed up by the Moscow administration).

The package also lists support measures for elderly relatives of the mobilized, the disabled and children with disabilities. In addition, Sobyanin guaranteed spouses and children of working age "the organization of vocational training and additional professional education, assistance in finding a job."

To date, the Moscow "social support package" is the most impressive. But about the same amount promises to protect the families of the mobilized and the governor of Russia's second city - St. Petersburg.

Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov has already announced that a law has been passed in the northern capital that allows the head of the region to directly determine the nature and extent of social support without amending the Social Code.

Beglov, like Sobyanin, promises to feed and even transport schoolchildren for free, to free parents 100% from parental fees in preschool educational institutions, and to ensure that children enroll in kindergartens and schools. Smolny also intends to provide families with free vouchers to children's health camps.

On it, actually, the list of governors-forerunners also comes to an end. Previously, only the regional authorities of the Sakhalin region and Tuva were noted "loudly". In the first case, the families of the mobilized were given 5 kilograms of frozen fish - pollock and flounder. The authorities of Tuva gave the wives and mothers of the military a live sheep each.

Moreover, not all regions can provide the promised payment directly to the mobilized themselves. So, the head of the Omsk region, Alexander Burkov , has already publicly stated that the deficit regional budget (a deficit of 13 billion rubles) will not pull unforeseen expenses. Therefore, Burkov simply suggested shifting this burden to business. More precisely, he urged business structures to pay all men who went on the agenda to the meeting place, an amount equivalent to a month's salary.

Political scientist Dmitry Orlov said "NOT that the system of measures to support the families of the mobilized: children, wives, disabled relatives, introduced by the mayor of Moscow, is becoming a constant factor in supporting mobilization in the capital.

" This decision can be a model for other regions. The main principle is systemic and regular support: one-time decisions such as distribution of rams are unlikely to be normally accepted by people. In regions where the budget is scarce, it would be logical for the authorities of the subjects to turn to big business to create a special fund to support mobilized families ," Dmitry Orlov believes.

The influential TG channel Nezygar also noted today that in a number of regions, governors and heads of national republics announced formal registers or informal lists of mobilized people and their families. But the governors will shift the main work to the municipalities, which, if necessary, can be held responsible for inconsistencies and mistakes.

"There is a demand in society for targeted social assistance, and the families of conscripts will be active in terms of publicly expressing a request for such assistance. If the regional authorities fail to meet their own declared social standards, this will be their significant miscalculation, but now, experts say, the announcement of additional measures support for the families of conscripts looks like a necessary and necessary measure," writes Nezygar.