Posted 6 октября 2022,, 06:08

Published 6 октября 2022,, 06:08

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Russia's vodka production has skyrocketed

6 октября 2022, 06:08
For nine months, the production of vodka in Russia increased by 8.8%, to 58.2 million deciliters (dal), and in September, compared to August, the growth was 22.7%, to 8.2 million decalitres.

It is reported by Interfax with reference to the data of Rosalkogolregulirovanie.

A significant increase in production (+17.7% in annual terms) was also recorded at brandy factories, which produced 6.3 million decaliters of products in 9 months. September growth compared to August amounted to 13.8%, the volume of production for the month reached 746.1 thousand decalitres.

“In total, alcoholic beverages with a strength above 9 degrees were produced at 79.7 million decalitres (12.5% more). In September, compared to August, the growth was 18%, to 11.1 million decalitres”, - the report says.

An increase in production by 6.1% is also noted in the field of winemaking, whose enterprises produced 44.9 million decaliters in 9 months (growth in September was 12.6%). A slight decrease (by 0.2%) in September occurred in the segment of still wines, but in general, their output increased by 7% over 9 months, to 23.9 million decalitres.

After making changes to Russian legislation, the production of champagne and sparkling wines shows a rapid growth (+27.6%, up to 9.4 million decalitres). The upward trend continued in September (+22.2% against August, up to 1.9 million dal).

In total, the volume of production of alcoholic products in the country, excluding beer, beer drinks, cider, poiret and mead, increased by 12.3%, to 137.9 million decaliters, and the September increase is estimated at 18%, to 19.9 million decaliters.

Along with the increase in production volumes, sales are also growing. For 9 months, 104.8 million deciliters of alcoholic products were sold in Russia, which is 3.1% higher than the same period last year.

Earlier it was reported that against the backdrop of Western sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation, caused by the conduct of the military operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, large Russian retailers in June-August reduced alcohol imports by 60-100% compared to the same period last year, depending on the category. A decrease in the range of alcohol due to the departure of popular brands will lead to a reduction in competition in the category, which means it will provoke a rise in purchase prices. The Association of Retail Companies, which unites X5 Retail Group, Magnit, Lenta, and others, has sent proposals to the government with a request to allow parallel imports of a number of branded alcoholic beverages. The reason for the appeal is the withdrawal of a number of foreign alcohol producers from the Russian market against the backdrop of a military special operation. Now Russian distributors are working with the remnants of alcoholic beverages of famous brands.

At the same time, after the start of mobilization, which started in Russia on September 21, the authorities of a number of regions began to impose emergency restrictions on the sale of alcohol near military registration and enlistment offices and mobilization points in order to stop violations of military discipline among recruits.