Posted 13 октября 2022,, 07:30

Published 13 октября 2022,, 07:30

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Citizens are stocking up on sugar and stew: sales increased by more than 50%

Citizens are stocking up on sugar and stew: sales increased by more than 50%

13 октября 2022, 07:30
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According to NielsenIQ, after the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia, the demand for long-term storage products has risen sharply. The leader of sales was sugar, which in two weeks began to be bought by 70% more. Demand for stew and other canned meat increased by 58%.

“In the period from September 19 to October 2, sales of sugar jumped by 70% in monetary terms compared to the same two-week period in 2021, by 58% of canned meat, by 45% of rice,” Forbes reports , citing a NielsenIQ study.

According to analysts, the main source of demand is the mobilized and their families collecting dry rations. Demand for condensed milk has grown in two weeks ( +7% ). In addition, sales of beans are growing, which began to be bought 30% more often from September 26 to October 2 , and this figure continues to grow, although demand fell by 6% during the year .

“The same thing happens with razors and blades, cigarettes, canned fish, flour, canned meat, pasta, rice, sugar,” said Saltanat Nysanova , director of NielsenIQ customer service .

According to her, abnormal bursts of buying activity are always associated with high-profile news and are explained by the intentions of citizens to make reserves for the future, including due to fears of rising prices.

Retail chains do not see any problems with the increased activity of buyers and note sufficient stocks of essential goods. Representative of the Association of Retail Companies Vladimir Kuznetsov said that at the end of September there was indeed an increased demand for groceries and canned food, but the hype was short-term and sales soon stabilized. In VkusVille, they note a change in demand for certain groups of goods.

“Atypical growth was generated by individual products, for example, sales of stewed beef grew by 83% , barley porridge with beef - by 51% ,” said Ksenia Lavrova , a representative of VkusVill, adding that this did not lead to an increase in purchase volumes.

According to the company NTech, which specializes in working with the largest manufacturers and suppliers of consumer goods, they confirmed the growth in sales of sugar, canned meat, condensed milk and pasta.

“Nevertheless, demand cannot be called rush. The group of buyers most susceptible to panic (involved in the mobilization and their families who collect dry rations, as well as people who are afraid of the disappearance of familiar goods and an increase in prices for them), although large, is smaller than in February-March 2022,” - says the head of the NTech analytics department Daria Akimova .