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Published 13 октября 2022,, 19:00

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High salary and exemption from mobilization: we analyze vacancies in October

High salary and exemption from mobilization: we analyze vacancies in October

13 октября 2022, 19:00
The coronavirus pandemic and partial mobilization have transformed the labor and employment market in Russia. Where should a careerist go, how to get an exemption from mobilization, and in general - what should job seekers and employers prepare for?

Irina Mishina

Aleksey Zakharov, head of the Superjob job search service and employees, began his press conference in Moscow with intriguing news: there are vacancies indicating the reservation from mobilization. Also, many employers now indicate whether their organization is accredited and, accordingly, makes it possible to receive a deferment from mobilization. According to him, these are mainly law enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies, pre-trial detention centers, as well as defense enterprises.

Mobilization in the labor market

According to the head of the Superjob, the mobilization did not create a panic in the labor market. There is no increase in unemployment today. “Some are afraid to apply to employment centers, thinking that they will be put on some special account and sent summons from the military registration and enlistment office, but this is not so. Employment centers are not included in mobilization activities. Otherwise, you need to look at the profile of the company. Let's say, if this is a nail salon where 8 women work, then they will work as they worked, none of them will receive summons from the military registration and enlistment office. But if this is car repair, for example, then some part may receive subpoenas. Losses due to mobilization for the employer are unpleasant, of course, but not too sensitive. In general, the situation is not comparable to a lockdown, when entire industries stopped,” said Alexei Zakharov, head of Superjob.

In the light of recent events, the question of an increase in the number of vacancies in IT companies predictably arose, because the majority of employees in this industry are exempt from mobilization. Specific requests appeared here: the demand for computer security specialists has grown. “Those who are now engaged in ensuring information security have salaries about 40% higher than the rest. The demand for such specialists is 2-3 times higher, respectively. Indeed, there have been many recent hacker attacks on important government websites. Computer security has come to the fore. At the same time, there is a catastrophic lack of specialists in the field of cybersecurity. If a specialist works at the junction, he is urgently retrained. At the same time, in fairness, it should be noted: not all IT companies provide a reservation from mobilization. In principle, there are not enough IT specialists in the country, and the reason is not emigration. As a rule, those who leave work there, but remotely, simply changing logistics. The problem is to find highly qualified personnel. And the reason for the lack of IT personnel is rather in school education, which does not provide the appropriate basic skills and specialization,” the head of Superjob believes.

Natural questions arise that in connection with the mobilization, employers will be forced to hire more employees of pre-retirement age or women. But, as it turned out, "pre-retirement" personnel today in the labor market is perhaps the most in demand. “Now workers of retirement and pre-retirement age are, as a rule, the peak of qualification. They have the highest salaries, and they also pass on experience to a young employee. But they are in demand only if they acquire new skills and change along with the requirements of the time,” says Alexei Zakharov, head of the Superjob.

The question arises about the change in wages in connection with inflation. “Those employers who want to retain employees are now raising salaries accordingly. But it grows mainly in proportion to inflation,” explained the head of the Superjob service.

Where to go to someone who is looking for a high salary? Recruitment services provide a list of the highest paid jobs in October. The top high-paying offers this month include vacancies in supply and retail, construction and manufacturing, finance, the transport and logistics industry and the service sector, as well as in healthcare and IT. In Moscow, Volgograd and Novosibirsk, doctors are in the top salary offers in October. In Moscow and Chelyabinsk, in the top of the best in terms of pay, there are vacancies for managers in the field of personnel management. In Voronezh and Yekaterinburg, the top 5 are vacancies for managers in the field of finance.

Need PR and bankers?

The vacancies market showed that they increased the most over the past week in the field of marketing, advertising and PR (+15%). Banking activities are also in demand. An unexpected selection of vacancies turned out to be in such profiles as repair and maintenance. An increase in the number of vacancies was also registered in medicine and pharmaceuticals (+6%). The number of vacancies in production and transport is stable. On the other hand, the number of vacancies in the field of education has decreased (minus 1%), which is logical after the beginning of the academic year. The decline in the construction industry was 8%, in tourism and catering - 9%. Demand for lawyers and personnel officers fell by 10%.

The All-Russian Research Institute of Labor (VNII Labor) told NI that in Russia there is an overabundance of specialists with higher education in business, law and administration, including economists and lawyers. According to representatives of the institution, this is due to the fact that the demand in the labor market today is formed not for professions, but for skills. “For one such published vacancy, the employer receives more than 100 responses within three to four days, and sometimes their number reaches 500 on the first day,” the institute notes.

Today they are looking for IT specialists, tomorrow they will be looking for biotechnologists

According to expert surveys , the most popular professions in 2022 are IT professionals. IT specialists continue to be relevant and will be in demand for a long time to come. You can work in this area even from home, in a comfortable chair. The field of IT includes such specialties as web designers, software testers, system administrators, game developers. Not only men, but also women can master the profession. Age is not a hindrance, you can always learn. Salaries were and remain at a high level, which attracts more and more people to the field of information technology. Great competition obliges specialists to improve their skills and learn all the time in order to remain in demand in the labor market.

Lawyers also remain in demand in 2022, despite a slight drop in demand for these specialists. Do not forget that in addition to lawyers, this profession also includes notaries, private detectives, judges, prosecutors, investigators, and forensic experts. The profession is prestigious, and specialists have great career opportunities.

Financiers are also in trend. There is a special demand for accountants, auditors, risk managers, financial consultants, loan officers, insurance agents.

Builders are also in demand and popular. The reason is that people will always need somewhere to live and businesses to work, so this profession is also relevant in 2022. Medical professionals are also needed. The demand for nursing staff has especially grown, but judging by the search queries and the number of vacancies, neurologists, general practitioners, pediatricians, and surgeons are also required. Income levels vary by region.

The list of professions that will be in demand in 10-20 years is strikingly different from those in demand today. But they can be good food for thought for those who choose which university to go to study. Research centers are making their forecasts now. According to experts, the TOP professions of the future may look like this: 1) Biotechnologist - a specialist who improves biological processes, uses the cells of microorganisms, yeast, bacteria, fungi, animals to change products in the interests of development. 2) Developer - a specialist who creates mobile and web applications, databases, games. 3) Game designer. Computer games are a part of the life of most people, for some it is a way of relaxation. 4) Cyber security specialist. The development of Internet technologies forces us to worry more and more about cybersecurity. Professionals are required to secure data. 5) Streamer - host of online broadcasts. Streamers do their favorite and professional things live. 6) An epidemiologist is a doctor who fights mass diseases. He investigates the causes of infections and viruses, as well as looking for ways to stop their spread.

Where should a careerist go?

Where is it now possible to find a job faster and with the greatest benefit? According to Superjob, estimates of career prospects in the hometown decreased over the year in almost all metropolitan areas, with the exception of Naberezhnye Chelny, Kirov, Yaroslavl and Vladivostok. In a survey of a high-paying job search service, estimates of career opportunities in their hometown are highest in Moscow and St. Petersburg: in the capital, 2 out of 3 residents believe that it is best for them to build a career here. In the city on the Neva there are 56% of such people. Kazan is in third place: the capital of Tatarstan was named the best city for a career by 43% of the economically active population. The top 5 included Tyumen (42%) and Yekaterinburg (41%). Omsk turned out to be the most difficult city in terms of career prospects: here only every tenth resident sees clear opportunities for growth for himself. It is also difficult to build a career in Volgograd, Novokuznetsk and Astrakhan.