Posted 13 октября 2022, 14:50

Published 13 октября 2022, 14:50

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Shelling of Belgorod: rocket fragments hit a residential high-rise building (VIDEO)

13 октября 2022, 14:50
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Local authorities and eyewitnesses reported the shelling of Belgorod. Air defense work was recorded in the regional center. Local residents publish photos and videos from the scene. As a result of the shelling, one of the fragments of the rocket hit a residential high-rise building.

The unexploded part of the shell was found on the territory of Lyceum No. 32.

"Today air defense worked again. There is damage in the house on the street. Gubkina, 42 Went out to the place. All services are already there. I will inform you", - said the mayor of Belgorod Anton Ivanov on his Telegram channel.

Later, he said that an operational headquarters was deployed in the city. A door-to-door round is being conducted, and the residents of the affected apartments will be settled in a hotel.

Information about the shelling is confirmed by the head of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov. The governor at the time of the strike on the city was in Moscow on a business trip. He said that he had already left the capital by car and would return to Belgorod in the evening.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled Belgorod. Air defense works. There is destruction in a residential apartment building on Gubkin Street. Information about the victims is being specified. Information was also received that the unexploded part of the shell fell on the sports ground of Lyceum No. 32. So far, there is no information about the dead and injured. I left Moscow by car, I will be there in the evening, ” Gladkov said on his Telegram channel .