Posted 13 октября 2022,, 11:44

Published 13 октября 2022,, 11:44

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Six US reserves: how military mobilization works in America

Six US reserves: how military mobilization works in America

13 октября 2022, 11:44
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The US National Guard Institute allows this country to call on almost half a million more trained reservists to help a professional army at any time.

The problem of Russian mobilization is the lack of an institution similar to the American National Guard (not to be confused with the Russian Guard, which performs completely different functions), political scientist Alexei Makarkin is sure. Namely, a trained reserve, which can be activated at any time in addition to a professional army.

The expert explains in his blog what the army reserve looks like in the most powerful country in the world:

“The number of the National Guard is almost 450 thousand people, it operates under the dual control of the federal government and the state authorities. Historically, it goes back to the militias that have existed since the 17th century to resist the Indians. During the Revolutionary War, local "militia" played a significant role in the creation of the American army.

The National Guardsmen enter the service voluntarily and combine their stay in the reserve with their main work. In addition to the basic payments for service in the guard (they depend on rank, education and length of service), they are entitled to allowances for housing, cash compensation for the purchase of uniforms, payment of medical expenses, they can buy food and goods in military stores, refuel cars at military gas stations at a "special price". After leaving after 20 years of service, the guardsmen receive very substantial pension supplements that are not taxed.

They are required to undergo combat training in individual and group classes (48 four-hour programs on weekends per year), they are also sent to two-week camps, connected to military and command-staff exercises along with regular units. Heads of organizations can be held criminally liable if they prevent their employees - national guardsmen from carrying out the tasks set by the state.

In addition to the National Guard, there are five more reserves in the United States: the Army reserve (almost 190 thousand people), the Navy reserve (60 thousand), the Marine Corps reserve (35 thousand), the Air Force reserve (82 thousand) and the Coast Guard reserve (6 thousand). Their difference from the National Guard lies in their exclusively federal subordination. The National Guard and reserves are combined into a system of reserve components of the US Armed Forces.

An example of a reservist is the current Minister of Transportation, Paul Buttigieg (in Russia, he was written about as the first openly gay candidate in the Democratic primaries, paying little attention to other features of his biography). He joined the Navy Reserve in 2007 as an employee of the consulting firm McKinsey and Company. In 2014, already being the mayor of the city of South Bend, he went on vacation for seven months and was sent to Afghanistan, where he served as an analyst in the anti-terrorist service (the city did not fall into decay during this time, as it was controlled by a team). Returning, the following year he was elected mayor for a new term ... "