Posted 14 октября 2022, 06:41

Published 14 октября 2022, 06:41

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Moneylenders of lost children

14 октября 2022, 06:41
Алина Витухновская
In order to be renewed, Russia must first reach the bottom, throwing off the ballast of false ideologies and false meanings accumulated over the past century.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

One LOM (leader of public opinion, - editor's note) published a letter from a woman with the following content:

“You give birth to a child, you get up to see him in the middle of the night, you stand in line at the kindergarten, without waiting, you put him in a private or grandma’s house, you take him to development schools, all this, of course, at your own expense, then a school where extortions, despite any prohibitions never stop, because otherwise there will be no materials / water / paper / plaster will fly off the walls. You do homework with him, hire tutors, take him to classes, prepare for the university. Do not forget the endless trips to various doctors (most often for a fee or with a surcharge), clothes, toys, food, gifts, vacations and trips. And where do we owe the state for all this, so much so that we need to send this child to death?.."

It is interesting that this text is presented as practically a protest. However, in my opinion, it is precisely this state of affairs when a child is born in hopeless semi-poverty, but at the same time they are constantly considered as an investment, they count, recalculate, and then present this bill (in this case to the state, but, as a rule, to the child himself), led to the deplorable state in which the country now finds itself.

In the comments at the above-mentioned Crowbar, I wrote:

“But the mother counted all the expenses to a penny. Soviet-post-Soviet people understand children as an investment. And, as a rule, unsuccessful. And they get very nervous when there is a loss. Such infant pawnbrokers. Well, such necrophilic highly spiritual jealousy - "You can only die for mom and dad."

And then I ran into a crowd of those who are commonly called the aggressively obedient majority. My words were turned upside down, and I myself was accused of all mortal sins. As I have written many times, people cannot stand the truth about themselves. And it was this theme (of the killing motherland) that turned out to be a trigger for a psychic attack equal to self-exposure. Because the killing mothers are you. In this case, comments. As power consists of millions of golems subordinate to it, so the state consists of killing mothers. And fathers are the same killing mothers here (and not parent #1 and #2).

The attention that the Soviet-post-Soviet person pays to age and gender every time convinces me of his lack of understanding and sense of subjectivity. Therefore, psychoanalysis, Freudianism and other similar things only outwardly oppose traditionalism. In fact, they are its own soft version. The entire existential prison matrix is literally pierced by this helpless, and most importantly, irrelevant brace, which seriously hinders any movement towards progress.

Practically any Soviet person, as a social product of the system that created him for mass, primitive and cruel measures, such as unproductive labor, participation in major armed conflicts, and at best for unpretentious domestic needs, is a psychotic. Therefore, seeing a post-Soviet (already) person approaching, at a mature and often elderly age, we observe a sort of golem blank, daily performing simple rituals. For example, trips to the Terpilochka store, the tedious process of cooking primitive food from the same cheap and low-quality products, trips to serve life-long dacha duty, standing in lines at various institutions, the regime of constant savings, penny litigation, etc.

Only to a superficial glance it seems that these actions have some kind of rational meaning. A simple person involved in them only looks adequate, plunging into a meaningless everyday hell. But the basis of such social movements is by no means practicality and economics, but a desperate attempt not to even go crazy, and not to be caught in madness, which for him subconsciously becomes more and more menacingly obvious. He is afraid of atypical, unusual actions for himself - that is, almost any (!). He is frightened by life itself outside of the hilled square meters and the hellish triangle - home-work-cottage. And indeed, there, around the corner, lies true madness, a complete collapse of the foundations of personality - the secret nightmare of every zombie.

People don't want to know what's inside them, but they also don't want to see what's outside. Journalist Dmitry Volchek writes:

“A friend is calling from Moscow, he wants to come to visit. He learns from me with great surprise and distrust that Russian credit cards do not work in Europe. He heard something about the "special operation" and sanctions, but he does not know the details, although he noticed that there were fewer people in clubs and restaurants and prices slightly increased. Someone has already told him about mobilization, but my suggestion that it can affect him personally is met with cheerful laughter. Such a crazy possibility did not even cross his mind, and none of his acquaintances were mobilized. At the end of the conversation, he clearly begins to suspect that I am unconditionally crazy or addicted to hallucinogens and live in some kind of snowstorm. That's collective responsibility for you".

Apparently, social psychiatry will become the main social science in Russia in the foreseeable future. The purpose of which will not be defamation and stigmatization, but the elimination of socialist cultural codes. In order for Russia to be renewed, it must reach the bottom, throwing off the ballast of false ideologies and false meanings.