Posted 14 октября 2022,, 14:15

Published 14 октября 2022,, 14:15

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Personal experience: a Muscovite told what is happening with her 43-year-old mobilized husband

14 октября 2022, 14:15
The wife of a mobilized Muscovite, Konstantin Krikunov, has been unsuccessfully trying for half a month to get medical assistance to her sick husband in a military unit.

Kirill Kabanov, a member of the Human Rights Council (HRC), confirmed that this is far from an isolated case, but a typical story. Attitude is inhuman.

Yekaterina Maksimova

The history of the Moscow family began just a few days after the announcement of partial mobilization. 43-year-old Konstantin Krikunov, who does not at all correspond to the "mobilization parameters" voiced by Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, received a summons from the hands of the policeman and an invitation to appear at the military registration and enlistment office for verification of information.

"We are a family of patriots. We helped the fighters, we have certificates from the DPR, LPR, funds that support the Russian army. My husband, of course, went to the military registration and enlistment office. There he was immediately issued a mobilization order and was given two hours to train," says Konstantin's wife Galina Pavlovskaya.

On September 27, at 15:00, the mobilized Krikunov, as ordered, appeared at the collection point. He and the rest of the men were kept outside for almost eight hours, and only late in the evening was the order given to get into the buses.

“They put them in rusty PAZs, waved the faded flags of Russia after them and took them to Naro-Fominsk. They weren’t accepted there, because there weren’t any places - there were too many mobilized people. And all night the men, dressed almost in summer, spent the night on the bus. , they didn’t even give out dry rations. They didn’t offer warm drinks either. They just kept the night in cold buses, "continues Galina.

A day later, the mobilized Krikunov, who has many chronic diseases, was taken to a military unit.

"He said that they were brought to the military unit of the village of Mosrentgen. There was still no hot food and drink. The first time they fed an army dinner only on the evening of September 28. My husband arrived at the unit already sick. It all started with sinusitis. He had a fever, "he tried to seek medical help, but they gave him a paracetamol tablet and that's it. They were also given one dilapidated set of summer and winter uniforms and sent to the shooting range. It was raining that day. My husband got wet, cold and his health worsened," says the wife Constantine.

According to Galina Pavlovskaya, in addition to a set of uniforms, the mobilized were given a bar of soap, a waffle towel, and were offered used or worn underpants. All this simple set must be carried with you during the morning and evening construction.

The state of health of the mobilized Konstantin Krikunov, meanwhile, was deteriorating. His purulent sinusitis worsened, conjunctivitis began and a strong cough developed. The temperature in the military unit is not fixed, he was only treated once with paracetamol.

Only on October 12, almost two weeks later, Krikunov was examined by a doctor. No x-rays, no tests, no medications. Due to the lack of places in the infirmary, Krikunov was allowed to move to a separate room where other patients, more than 30 people, are being treated. One of these soldiers has hemoptysis.

Galina turned to the military prosecutor's office for help, but she still has not received a response to her letter. She also sent a complaint to the Moscow Department of Health and asked for an explanation: how are the mobilized residents of Moscow being treated? The department replied: "Your appeal has been redirected to the Department of Regional Security and Anti-Corruption of the City of Moscow." From there, the letter from the Muscovite migrated to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. And so far it has remained unanswered.

The Muscovite family simply did not have time to prepare for being sent to the military unit. Galina herself brought her husband to the Moscow region the first batch of the necessary: medicines, warm clothes, change of clothes. The collection continues.

According to her calculations, it is necessary to spend at least 300 thousand rubles from the family budget in order to collect the mobilized from the family budget. Everyone who has already fallen under partial mobilization has a list of what must be with them: a first aid kit, a sleeping bag, underwear, warm clothes, a lot of gloves, a backpack, a set of dishes, a gas burner, berets, a balaclava, a shovel, a push-button telephone . "300,000 is the bare minimum to raise a civilian. My calculations and bookkeeping are confirmed by others," Galina summed up.

She talks about her adventures on her page on the social network VKontakte. There are many responses. Neighbors, caring citizens help in any way they can. Only for the purchase of medicines for Konstantin, "people's sponsors" collected more than 15 thousand rubles.

The mobilized Konstantin Krikunov never received proper medical care. Despite the fact that conjunctivitis is a contagious disease. And with sinusitis in any district clinic, he would probably have been prescribed antibiotics. And, at least, with such a strong cough, they sent him for an x-ray.

A course of self-treatment with antibiotics did the trick. In a couple of weeks, Konstantin himself believes, he and the other mobilized will go to the site of the special military operation.

Kirill Kabanov , a member of the Human Rights Council (HRC), confirmed to Novye Izvestiya that there are a lot of such stories.

“They take them without going through a medical commission, they take them with chronic diseases, many older people. Many men, especially from the regions, are not seen by doctors and do not even know what diseases they have. - and we get a lot of sick people. And the military authorities in the field, who have one task - to quickly, quickly send people to the unit, do not pay attention to this. The President called the mistakes "bungling". In fact, with such executors on the ground - enemies not necessary. They discredit the entire system, goals and objectives of the NWO. The attitude towards people, the defenders, who will be in the trenches tomorrow, is completely inhuman, "commented Kirill Kabanov.