Posted 14 октября 2022,, 07:07

Published 14 октября 2022,, 07:07

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The media reported a sharp decline in Phenazepam sales in pharmacies

The media reported a sharp decline in Phenazepam sales in pharmacies

14 октября 2022, 07:07
Фото: Антон Засимов / Медиахолдинг1Mi
In Russian pharmacies, stocks of the sedative anticonvulsant drug Phenazepam, which is prescribed for patients with neurological and mental illnesses, have sharply decreased.

According to RBC with reference to the data of the Megapteka aggregator, by October 13, Phenazepam and its full analogues had disappeared from all retail outlets monitored by this network.

Against the background of a reduction in the supply of medicines in pharmacies, its average price almost doubled over the year - from 300 to 532.2 rubles.

The main Russian supplier of Phenazepam, Valenta Pharmaceuticals, has reduced retail sales of this drug by 40 times.

As Kommersant notes, this happened after the authorities included Phenazepam in the list of potent and toxic substances in March 2021, which sharply narrowed the circle of pharmacies that are allowed to sell it.

Now you can buy the drug only in 1,200 outlets across the country instead of the 40,000 outlets that previously sold it.

Complaints about the reduction in the supply of the drug have been going on since July this year, but Roszdravnadzor refutes data on a growing shortage.