Posted 31 октября 2022,, 06:24

Published 31 октября 2022,, 06:24

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Izvestia: Huawei is going to leave Russia

Izvestia: Huawei is going to leave Russia

31 октября 2022, 06:24
The Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei has stopped direct deliveries of equipment to Russia, and the company is likely to finally leave the Russian market.

Izvestia writes about this, citing its sources.

“Huawei doesn’t really supply its devices to Russia directly now,” a source close to cellular companies quotes the publication as saying.

According to Denis Kuskov, CEO of the partner analytical agency Huawei Telecom Daily, the company stopped selling base stations for cellular communications this spring. A number of devices are still sold in the brand's official store, but these are only the remnants of former deliveries.

The fact that the Chinese manufacturer began to close its stores in Russia became known in June. Reason for closing. Outlets - lack of products in warehouses and falling demand for smartphones. Huawei is trying to avoid further imposition and secondary sanctions, and therefore suspends some operations in Russia and sends Russian employees of its offices on a month-long vacation, they wrote in the Chinese media.