Posted 30 октября 2022,, 23:39

Published 30 октября 2022,, 23:39

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The export of Ukrainian wheat from Odessa continues: the UN and Turkey are silent

The export of Ukrainian wheat from Odessa continues: the UN and Turkey are silent

30 октября 2022, 23:39
In the port of Odessa, wheat and corn are being loaded onto foreign ships day and night. This continues despite Russia's announcement of withdrawing from the "grain deal".

On the eve of Ukrainian drones attacked Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet, recalled the portal. Moscow assessed the incident as "a terrorist attack committed by the Kiev regime with the participation of British specialists". Russia announced the suspension of the "grain deal".

As it became known, Moscow on Saturday notified the UN and other interested parties of its decision. However, on Sunday morning, the activity of foreign vessels carrying out the export of grain from the territory of Ukraine continued.

According to, there are now four foreign ships in the Odessa area. Ankara, which is the guarantor of grain supplies from Ukraine, has so far not commented on Russia's statement about the termination of participation in the deal.

An agreement on the export of grain across the Black Sea was signed by Russia and Ukraine in Turkey on July 22. According to the document, according to, Ukrainian ships with peaceful agricultural cargo, which includes wheat, corn, and sunflower oil, will not be militarily blocked by the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation if they do not deviate from the route. Ukrainian ports, in turn, should not let ships in other than those that ensure the export of grain and related foodstuffs and fertilizers.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin repeatedly drew attention to the fact that countries in need, such as Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen, Sudan and Afghanistan, received only 3% of the food exported from Ukraine. In fact, the wheat went to the bins of Great Britain, Israel, South Korea and Egypt.

In total, since August 1, when the sea export of grain started, 8.3 million tons of agricultural products have been produced. Approximately 400 vessels received permission to leave Ukrainian ports.

Meanwhile, the European Union called on Russia to reconsider the decision to suspend participation in the "grain deal" and cancel it, said the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that Washington regrets Moscow's decision to withdraw from the grain agreement and encourages Putin to return to participation in it,Prime reported.