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Published 1 ноября 2022,, 05:45

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Flight into the unknown: what are the problems of the victims of the plane crash in Yeysk

Flight into the unknown: what are the problems of the victims of the plane crash in Yeysk

1 ноября 2022, 05:45
Exactly two weeks ago, at about 18 pm in Yeysk, a Su-34 bomber crashed onto a residential building. 15 people died. The cause of the tragedy, according to the official version, was the birds. 14 days have passed.
Airplane crash

Affected residents of Yeysk try to "somehow continue to live", but do not receive answers to their questions.

Yekaterina Maksimova

“Su-34 wheels were taken out of my apartment”

It was on that fateful day, October 17, Larisa Zagorulko, her daughter, who is expecting a baby, and her little grandson moved to a new apartment in a house on the street. Communist, 20/1. Literally, a couple of minutes before the tragedy, Larisa sent her daughter and grandson out into the street. A Su-34 flew over their heads and crashed into a high-rise building.

“At that moment I was at the entrance, holding the elevator. This is what saved me. The flight of stairs collapsed, but I miraculously survived. Our 4th floor and apartments on the 5th floor became the epicenter. My apartment was under the nose and wing of the plane. From my housing, in which we did not have time to live a day, then they took out the wheels of the aircraft. And on the street a car burned down with our things prepared for the move. The main thing is that by some miracle the pregnant daughter and grandson were saved", - Larisa told Novye Izvestia.

In a state of shock, with injuries, with carbon monoxide poisoning, Larisa was taken to the hospital. She was discharged today.

In the apartment on the floor above, the mother of Yeychanka Natalya Tokareva died. And there was nothing left of their apartment either.

The Yeychanka survivors of the tragedy told Novye Izvestia that during these two weeks the authorities managed to resolve the issue of relocating the residents of the house - everyone who wanted to live was accommodated in a hotel. The people who lost their homes received the compensation promised by the officials. This is 110 thousand rubles for each family member. They were also given an official document that they were victims.

Gotta live somehow

You have to live somehow... Survivors say. And to solve current everyday, everyday and legal problems, and the eychans have them from the house on the street. Communist abound.

“We bought this apartment three weeks before the tragedy. We were going to renovate it before the new year. Apartment for a daughter who is expecting her second child. To buy a home at VTB Bank, she issued a loan - 1.6 million rubles. And now it's all a pile of bricks. I applied to the bank, but so far they shrug their shoulders and there is no question of any delay in payments. And when applying for a loan, no one there warned me that within 14 days I had to insure my property, that is, there is no insurance either. Apparently, I can only claim bank insurance in connection with the injury. What about a plane crash? So far, only questions, but with the bank, if necessary, I am ready to fight. Everywhere is either deceit or dishonesty,” says Larisa, who is known in Yeysk as a trade union leader, a person who has always tried to help fellow countrymen.

Larisa's family did not take advantage of the offer to temporarily move to the hotel. They huddle in her one-room apartment, but when the baby is born, so many people simply cannot physically fit there.

Many other residents of the house also refused to move to the hotel. “Our acquaintances let us live for free, but we cannot abuse it for a long time. We will soon have to rent some housing, and we ask the administration of Yeysk and the Yeysk district to help us with this. At least partially reimburse the expenses, but so far the authorities have not promised us anything on this issue,” adds Natalya Tokareva.

“Who survived - learned the price of life. Someone buried relatives. Our family, fortunately, is alive. We just lost everything we had in one second. And they got a measly 100 thousand rubles for it. And that's it. Here's what to do with them? This is the income of our entire family for several months,” said another of the victims, who asked not to be named.

But the main question that worries the forced migrants is what will happen next with the destroyed house on the street. Communist, 20/1.

After the tragedy, the Krasnodar Governor Veniamin Kondratyev not only wished the affected Yeychans to get together the next day “to work and go in a good mood”, but also issued a statement regarding the restoration of the high-rise building.

The head of the region then said that 72 apartments were damaged and the authorities would restore the burnt housing. “Construction experts, who, in parallel with the work of other special services, carried out an analysis, came to the conclusion that the house is subject to restoration. That is, there will be no demolition. According to preliminary estimates, the house can be restored and there is no threat of collapse, ”Kondratiev said (quote from RBC).

There were even deadlines for completing the work. More than 7 thousand square meters of the authorities promise to repair "in an unprecedentedly short time" - in May 2023. Kondratyev called the situation "difficult": "There are residential entrances on both sides, so the main thing is to observe all security measures."

“We are categorically against the restoration. Restore ... This is ridiculous, of course. This word is incomprehensible to me in this situation. To rebuild is understandable, but to restore is not. We want to live in normal conditions, in normal premises, so that we are not afraid for our children and for their lives. There, all the overlaps "went". I'm not talking about the scale of destruction, the smell of burning. We are now waiting for some kind of proposal from local and regional authorities, but so far we have not been informed of anything, have not been offered and have not discussed anything with us,” says Larisa Zagorulko.

“And we are also categorically opposed to returning there. In addition, none of us have yet shown the results of the examination. We don't even know if these ruins can be restored in principle," adds Natalia.

The head of the Yeysk district, Roman Bublik , confirmed the words of the residents to “NI”: there is no examination yet. But literally today, experts will be ready to voice their findings.

“The examination is ready today, very soon its results will be known. And the decision will be made by the regional construction department. So far I don't have any information. We haven't been given any information yet. I didn't see the conclusion. We wait. People's feelings are premature. We will not leave people in trouble and will bring it to its logical end. Just what way of decision will be taken - it will be clear after receiving the results of the examination. As soon as we are told the results, how the final act of the examination will be, I will tell you everything, ”the head of the Yeysk district promised.

People all go and go

In the meantime, residents of a small seaside Yeysk, meanwhile, continue to help residents from a high-rise building on Communist Street on their own.

“Already on the evening of October 17, there were not even announcements about the work of the volunteer headquarters, people carried warm clothes, food, money in order to transfer all this to the surviving participants in the tragedy. The next day, Yeychans were already queuing at the recreation center, where a collection point for things was temporarily located, ”volunteer Tatyana Mishchenko told Novye Izvestia.

The townspeople are still collecting all over the world for tenants of high-rise buildings for the Communist humanitarian aid. “There is practically no such thing that they carry it on the principle of “God is on you, what is worthless to us.” We check everything and select only those things that we are not ashamed to give away. People keep coming and going, offering help, asking for lists of things they need. And much more is needed. The tenant from that house had nothing in an instant,” the volunteer from Yeysk summed up.