Posted 1 ноября 2022,, 14:13

Published 1 ноября 2022,, 14:13

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Keep at any cost: new conditions for preferential mortgages will be created for IT specialists

Keep at any cost: new conditions for preferential mortgages will be created for IT specialists

1 ноября 2022, 14:13
Фото: Соцсети
The Ministry of Digital Development has proposed softening the criteria for IT specialists by which they can take out a mortgage at 5% for new buildings.

A new attempt to keep IT specialists from emigrating was made by the government of the Russian Federation. The project for a mortgage loan for new apartments at 5% has not yet been adopted, but the ministry says that banks are already accepting applications under the new rules, the Dvizh pro nedvizh channel reports.

Mortgages are proposed to be extended to employees of all accredited IT companies. Previously, it was only for companies receiving tax benefits.

They propose to reduce the income requirements of the borrower. Residents of million-plus cities receiving 120 thousand rubles will be able to take advantage of the program. instead of the current 150 thousand rubles, as well as residents of other settlements with a salary of 70 thousand rubles. instead of 100 thousand rubles. For Moscow, the bar was left at the level of 150 thousand rubles.

They want to expand the age corridor for borrowers to 18-50 years old, now specialists 22-44 years old fall under the program.

After receiving a mortgage, you need to work in IT for 5 years, before you had to stay in an accredited company until the end of the mortgage. In case of dismissal from the company, the preferential rate is maintained for six months.

Since the spring, only 4,200 IT specialists have taken advantage of preferential mortgages, and it was supposed to issue about 10,000 such loans. Apparently, the demand was not so high, and the new conditions should increase the popularity of the program.