Posted 1 ноября 2022,, 16:24

Published 1 ноября 2022,, 16:24

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Military registration and enlistment offices will test connection to the bases of the GAS "Vybory", the FTS, Civil Registry Office and others

Military registration and enlistment offices will test connection to the bases of the GAS "Vybory", the FTS, Civil Registry Office and others

1 ноября 2022, 16:24
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A pilot project is being launched in the Moscow region to update the databases of conscripts for military registration and enlistment offices.

During the experiment, the automation of the Gorizont-MR system of military registration and enlistment offices will be tested when connected to the bases of the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the GAS Vybory and registry offices, as reported by the military commissar of the Moscow Region Alexei Astakhov.

“In the Moscow region, on behalf of the Prime Minister, a pilot project will soon begin under the leadership of the Minister of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev. A set of measures is being developed to connect Gorizont-MR to the GAS Vybory, where we store the most accurate information [about citizens], tax, pension fund, registry office, so that this system automatically makes all changes about citizens that are included in the system " Horizon-MR ", - said Astakhov, whose words are reported by the correspondent of RBC.

The statement was made during a round table in the Federation Council "Digital transformation of military commissariats". During the discussion, Vladimir Kozhin, First Deputy Head of the Federation Council Committee on Defense, criticized the Ministry of Defense for the mistakes made in the framework of partial mobilization. He stressed that due to problems with updating information about conscripts in the military registration and enlistment offices, “almost the president had to explain who is being called up and who is not being called up.” According to the senator, the mistakes made indicate either the imperfection of the Gorizont-MR system or its inoperability.

“Because if you look at what data [it operates with], plus add data on [a citizen’s] health, then you should know more about a person than he [knows] about himself”, - Kozhin believes.

He cited the example of the Federal Tax Service, whose automated system promptly processes new information about citizens.

“The tax office knows where you drank coffee and paid, instantly, right there. And now we are talking about the fact that a person has children and you do not know about it. The Stone Age!”, - the senator added.

Major General Sergei Pobirokhin, deputy head of the main organizational and mobilization department of the General Staff, said that without the Horizon-MR system, it would be impossible to mobilize 300,000 people in "such a short period of time." He also shifted part of the responsibility to citizens who do not notify military enlistment offices of changes, including the birth of children. Thus, he explained the reason for using outdated information and errors.