Posted 2 ноября 2022,, 12:36

Published 2 ноября 2022,, 12:36

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"Communists of Russia" accused Andrey Razin from "Tender May"music group of treason

"Communists of Russia" accused Andrey Razin from "Tender May"music group of treason

2 ноября 2022, 12:36
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Party members were outraged that the composer and producer of the legendary pop group sold the rights to its songs to an American company.

State Duma deputy, head of the Communists of Russia party Sergey Malinkovich called the musician Razin a "marauder and merchant of the Motherland", who betrayed not only the memory of the recently deceased soloist of the group Yuri Shatunov, but millions of viewers who loved these songs. The statement of the leader of the party, which was distributed by the press service of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Communists of Russia, among other things, says:

“There were in the history of Vlasov and contra who sold our secrets, our state secrets to the Americans. And Razin decided to steal art from the people, the songs of a whole generation. And he also boasts that “in three months, all tracks, videos and photographs of the group created by the producer back in 1986 will disappear from all media platforms”.

And he himself circled the children of orphanages around his finger, bought all the rights, poured vodka on the young musicians! Yes, he is a composer, but without Yura Shatunov, his melodies would not have gained life and popularity. Razin stabbed Russian culture in the back at a difficult time..."

The communist called on the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and some "competent authorities" (probably the FSB and the FSO?) to prevent this "Razin's crime against memory and culture, to save the creative heritage of Tender May, to preserve it for future generations..."

Recall that according to the MK portal, composer and producer Andrey Razin announced the sale of all rights to the work of the Laskovy May group ("Tender May") to a company based in the United States.