Posted 2 ноября 2022, 12:22

Published 2 ноября 2022, 12:22

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“Hated Russia…” Why do emigrants sling mud at their homeland

2 ноября 2022, 12:22
Марина Шаповалова
Unlike the emigrants of the Soviet era, who were engaged in educational propaganda, the current ones, for the most part, broadcast only their hatred for their compatriots who remained in Russia.

Marina Shapovalova, writer

Not being a patriot in any sense and denying the "good meaning" behind this concept, I believe that loving one's environment is a normal human feeling. Natural. Its habitat includes many different things - people, cities, nature. For me - the language and the medium of communication on it. This can be applied to the concept of "my country". Probably, people who have “patriotism” in the positive spectrum mean something similar by it.

But then misunderstandings begin: that many figures - politicians, political scientists, journalists, all sorts of cultural traders - for years broadcasting their discourses about the "beautiful Russia of the future" - what do they like? Need to understand - Russia?

Well, I already asked why then they love Russia without the people, if the people must be included in the idea of the country. Yes, I remember that he is of poor quality here: stupid, undeveloped, slavish and all that. Orcs, as they say now. The state in Russia is a deadly muck, no questions asked. Culture, as it now turns out, is imperial, chauvinistic and misanthropic. If not stolen. Only suitable for educating the Gerasims in peacetime ... Soon it will be scary to remind about the language - they will trample. What do we have left - nature? Surely eminent fighters against the regime have always dreamed of making a better life for birch trees?..

Tinkov, here, they write, renounces Russian citizenship. I understand and approve: if such a Russia is unbearable to endure, then breaking with it forever is the right choice. It was possible to leave earlier for everyone who “always knew”, for 30 years they were let out without hindrance. I don’t understand when people who have already left Russia continue their professional activities in the Russian-speaking space, exuding their hatred into it. It is quite strange when the so-called opposition politicians do this. This is for what purpose?

The current foreign Russian-speaking space does not work at all like the former "Voice of America" and similar "voices" - they made their way to the Soviet people. To their minds. Without hatred - in order to interest, attract. They succeeded, the whole country behind the "Iron Curtain" listened to the voices "from there" in their own languages. The current emigrants, at best, want to say: Yes, you already sign up for Ukrainians! Like Nevzorov-darling (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), and already in a new role, pour shit on the "hated rush" even to the point of ecstasy. Even better - in Ukrainian, it is not difficult to learn. Do not charge with reciprocal hatred at least those in Russia who are not yet ready to fight with everything that has taken up arms against the Russian world - they do not need to hear what you wish them from the bottom of your heart and hope to do with them. You are not a “Western voice” of the 70s, calling the hostages of the “Sovka” into the civilized world, you are the direct heirs of the KGB propaganda department, which fed the fooled people fear of a “hostile environment”.

I don't know when Russia will be able to become free. Probably not in my lifetime. But the more such “forums” broadcasting on it now, the more unattainable the goal seems.