Posted 2 ноября 2022, 08:34

Published 2 ноября 2022, 08:34

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Intelligence versus reason: why Elon Musk turned out to be a fool

2 ноября 2022, 08:34
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Today we are surrounded by herds of intellectually talented morons who are successful and popular precisely for the reason that the motives for the actions that their highly developed intellect serves are primitive and understandable to the “very last farmer”.

The richest man on the planet, the great, without exaggeration, entrepreneur Elon Musk has recently become famous for his numerous speeches on a variety of political issues, including political ones. Moreover, many of them baffled even his most ardent fans. One of the main claims against Musk is his strange sympathy for Donald Trump, whom any adequate person is hardly capable of sympathizing with. Share his views, support his policies - yes, but sympathize - no way. What is the reason for this behavior of the Mask? In stupidity? But is it possible for a fool to become the richest man in the world?

Philosopher Dmitry Luchikhin undertook to solve this problem:

“And they said: Musk is a lost sheep. And nothing is lost. Even though it's a sheep. Yes, yes.

Again, moaning will begin that a great manager is not obliged to understand, neither in politics, nor in culture, nor in social processes. And we put him on a stick not for this.

But the truth is simpler and uglier. Musk is just stupid. Ask, how did he serve in the cleanup?

You see, by inertia, since the time of enlightenment, we do not distinguish between the intellect and the mind. Although the intellect has long been autonomized to an independent ability. If in an undeveloped state of collective consciousness, the development of the intellect required the creative efforts of the mind, then the closer to the present, the more this is a natural property of the culture of collective consciousness, which we master in the same way as bipedalism and speech. It relies not on the mind of the individual, but on the culture of collective consciousness and the innate mental and organic predisposition of the individual. How about an ear for music.

And today we are simply surrounded by herds of intellectually talented morons, successful and popular precisely for the reason that the motives for the actions that their highly developed intellect serves are primitive and understandable to "the very last farmer." Build the biggest pyramid, fly to Mars, tunnel to Bombay. Scale, majesty, grandiosity. Pharaohs smoke nervously. The question of what is in this for a person as a person simply does not fit into a highly intellectual head. When it comes to simple comforts, what is greatness? Anyway, the invention of the refrigerator is no less significant. If about grandiosity and grandeur - where is the mind adequate to culture.

It can even be said that talent in intellectual ability is often the reason for the conservation of the primitive stage of the development of the mind. Because he has no reason to.

The same "Mask Phenomenon", in other projections, is known to us through such memes as "monkey with a grenade" And "beautiful fool"..."

Luchikhin's readers were in solidarity with this assessment:

- Yes, it is well said and I completely agree. A good narrow specialist who understood his vocation in childhood and had the opportunity for a “straight-line” growth, career, is usually an idiot. "He doesn't need to." That's great!

- So any talent in a certain area does not in any way mean even an average development in any other. A brilliant mathematician can be a complete nonentity in the field of social knowledge or the field of art. And vice versa.

- Mamardashvili once said in a private conversation: "Mayakovsky was stupid." Understandably, those around him are shocked. They tried to object, and he repeated, "He was just stupid. Like Blok".