Posted 3 ноября 2022,, 15:14

Published 3 ноября 2022,, 15:14

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Kazan is indignant: a performance about a psycho and an “Lgbt pedophile” will be shown at the ballet festival

Kazan is indignant: a performance about a psycho and an “Lgbt pedophile” will be shown at the ballet festival

3 ноября 2022, 15:14
On the stage of the Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet Theater named after M. Jalil, one of these days, as part of the V Festival #StagePlatforma, the world premiere of the one-act modern ballet "Personality of Milligan" will take place.

The active public of Kazan seethes and is indignant, turning to various authorities, including Moscow.

Maria Dubinskaya

In particular, this is the letter received by the head of the Public Center for the Protection of Traditional Family Values “Ivan-chai ” Elina Zhgutova:

“November 6 and 7 as part of the ballet festival, in Kazan, in the most significant cultural place - at the Opera and Ballet Theater. Jalil will be performing a ballet called Milligan's Personalities.

Milligan is an American schizophrenic who had a split personality, not even two, but many personalities. And he was one guy, then another, then a lesbian girl. As a child, at the age of 8-9, he was raped by his stepfather, and then he raped himself, committed crimes, but he was acquitted, because they proved that it was not his fault, but the fault of his alternative personalities.

Then he spent 10 years in a psychiatric hospital for treatment, from where he was released as cured, but with a diagnosis of multiple personalities. He later wrote a book about himself.

Considering that there is a very theatrical audience in Kazan, especially young people, almost all tickets are sold out. Only do the audience know what (whom) they are going to look at?

What is the nature of the impact of this performance on the viewer?!!!

What do they want to seduce our youth?? And not just the youth?

Do they have nothing else to show?

The repertoire of the Kazan Theater is huge, and knowing this, for what purposes is this performance shown?

Being in the theater with a friend, we saw this poster and asked one worker there, what is the play about? He said that it was about a guy who imagined himself to be different personalities, including a girl. "But his father oppressed him as a child," he sighed regretfully.

This is Satanism. Corruption of youth in the center of Kazan.

How does it happen? Who allowed? In our wartime, showing an LGBT pedophile on a huge stage! Please take action."

As negative reviews appeared on the Web, the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan began to increase the age limit for visiting this production.

“For the second time, fearing our public anger, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan raises the age limit.

Recall that at the beginning of our public control it was 12+, then absolutely meaningless 16+, now 18+.

Now our task is to check how the passage on the passport will be observed.

Parents-activists of Kazan! Are you in touch?”, – published in the telegram channel “Ivan-chai”.

Meanwhile, on the website of the Opera and Ballet Theater named after M. Jalil, in the section dedicated to this premiere, there is not a word about the plot of the production , however, publications on this scandalous topic are already appearing in the local media.

“This premiere continues to acquaint the residents of Kazan with modern choreography and modern dance. At the same time, there are a lot of classical productions in the repertoire of the theater. <>… We try to find an approach for every art connoisseur, taking into account his individual aesthetic and artistic taste, ” the Vesti Tatarstan website published the official position of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic.

“... To find out who Billy Milligan is, it is not necessary to go to the theater. The story has been told in books and many films have been made. This is a well-known and unique case in psychiatry, in one person 24 personalities coexisted at once. Controversial and different. From criminals to artists and intellectuals. But the critics' mind games for some reason focused on the most scandalous of them. The author of the production, Oleg Ivenko, assures that the audience will not be disappointed. The ballet has a different goal, and it is not even ambiguous,” Vesti Tatarstan notes.

“On the contrary, we show how important it is to be in a family, how important it is to take care of, help a weaker person, so that he grows up in a family, and does not rummage through himself. This is all we wanted to show, and everything that is being written now is far-fetched,” says Oleg Ivenko, prime minister of TAGTOiB, artistic director of the 5th Contemporary Ballet Festival, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan.

“I understand that everyone was alarmed that one of the personalities was a lesbian, but Milligan has 24 personalities and we found others that are healthier, if I may say so. Therefore, I want to assure you that the ballet is not about this at all, but this is an important message of how vulnerable and sensitive the psyche of a teenager is and you need to be very careful at this moment, ”says the director of the ballet“ Milligan’s Personalities ”, ballet soloist of the St. Petersburg State Academic Theater ballet B. Eifman Oleg Gabyshev.

On this occasion, I would like to note with sarcasm: the story of the production of Milligan does not seem so illogical, because if we are allowed to shoot a series about Chikatilo, why not release a play about a psycho-rapist?.. Romantization of violence, glorification of pathology is a trend, apparently , does not raise questions in high offices.