Posted 4 ноября 2022,, 09:13

Published 4 ноября 2022,, 09:13

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Alexey Savvateyev: "The world has entered the stage of progressive insanity"

4 ноября 2022, 09:13
Alexey Savvateyev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, on the YouTube channel of Aurora Radio, gave an assessment of the period in which we are now living, and also explained what, first of all, needs to be done in education in order to “raise the country”.

“In general, it seems to me that there will be no more simple years.

The regime without turbulence, as physicists would say, is complete. Now there will be eternal turbulence.

The river has moved from a smooth flow to a threshold stage. And, probably, further only waterfalls.

I don't have any mathematical evidence, but the feeling that the world has gone into a stage of progressive insanity forever, I would call it that.

Events, incredible, replace each other, and each next one is more unpredictable than the previous one.

Keeping close is necessary in this situation. Everything is simple. Gotta stay close.

As for education. Today we need to return the entire (former) school.

Today, the urgent need is to return a basic sound education.

China is an example for us, China is doing it.

Today's typical honors student is a three-year-old student in the USSR.

What about tomorrow? If we still do not appreciate the talents that we have brought up, they will, on occasion, fall down, and then everything will be bad in general.

In general, the semantic core of today's new order is the core that looks to the school. And then we come to the plan of restoring the mass school.

Come visit us, "Native School" offers these plans, we have a doctrine, we have the concept of "FGOS of a normal person", and the first measures, extraordinary, to restore the school, too.

Now we go back and forth, officials listen to us, but so far they can’t do anything.

There are no commands from above. But in a different way - everything, this will be the end.

We have only one Russia, which means that it must be raised. We live on!”

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