Posted 7 ноября 2022,, 06:38

Published 7 ноября 2022,, 06:38

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Hunter signal: why was it used in a burned-out cafe  "Polygon" in Kostroma?

Hunter signal: why was it used in a burned-out cafe "Polygon" in Kostroma?

7 ноября 2022, 06:38
According to eyewitnesses, the cause of the fire in the cafe "Polygon" in Kostroma was the use of the "Hunter's signal", which was shot at the ceiling of a 23-year-old soldier. The perpetrator of the incident himself successfully escaped from the hall, and 15 visitors to the establishment died from fire and smoke.

Viktor Levin

Thus, the signal of the hunter is on a par with various dangerous toys that our citizens wear in public places. Moreover, no special permits for the purchase and wearing of hunting personal belongings are required, and its price is quite low - from several hundred to two thousand rubles (depending on the model).

Meanwhile, the device is by no means harmless.

It consists of two parts. The first is the launcher. The second is the signal cartridges themselves.

The charges are aluminum cartridges, 17 mm in diameter and weighing about 9 grams. On the cartridge there is a thread for installation in the starting device, a primer for igniting the charge and the charge itself.

The starting device is a steel tube (there are also plastic options on sale). On the upper part of the tube there is a thread for installing a cartridge, on the lower handle and in the middle there is a spring mechanism, with a striker striking the primer. And two grooves for the position - "fuse" and "combat platoon" of the starting device.

In operation, the device is quite simple. In the preparatory phase, it is necessary to put the device on the safety (first notch of the trigger position). Thus, the striker of the percussion mechanism is retracted to a safe distance from the primer. And then install the cartridge by screwing it into the seat on the device. At the same time, do not close the cartridge with your palm and do not direct it towards people, animals and buildings.

Further, observing the safety precautions, the striker spring is cocked to the charged position. This is the second notch on the case. The striker with a spring is fixed in the charged position by turning the ring of the percussion mechanism.

Now , on an outstretched arm, pointing the launcher into the sky , a shot is fired by releasing the striker (turning the ring). We turn the latch, and the striker hits the primer of the cartridge. The cartridge fires and the star shoots up into the sky.

All other ways and uses of the signal are prohibited. The device cannot serve as fireworks at a holiday, or as a means of self-defense, and even more so - attacks on animals or people.

The hunter's signal cannot be used safely for the defender at short distances, there is a very high probability of catching a ricochet, and at long distances the state of necessary defense will be 99.999% absent, unless if they aim at you from a firearm, but that signal is useless...

Well, the main thing is that the hunter's signal is not structurally designed for quick actuation, and only an idiot can carry it charged. And if you have ten seconds to load and launch a signal (hardly less), which requires both hands, then there is clearly no state of necessary defense.

However, the visitor to the burned-out cafe probably either had a pre-charged signal, or he charged it on the spot, in full view of dozens of people around.

The result, alas, did not live up to expectations. The idiotic trick ended in a terrible tragedy and the death of 15 people.