Posted 7 ноября 2022,, 07:10

Published 7 ноября 2022,, 07:10

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It will just become more expensive… “Green” construction has started in the country

It will just become more expensive… “Green” construction has started in the country

7 ноября 2022, 07:10
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In Russia, on November 1, the national standard for the "green" construction of multi-apartment residential buildings came into force.

This seemingly noteworthy event is unlikely to radically change anything in Russian cities, since the criteria for this construction, a complete list of which can be read here, will not become something mandatory.

Moreover, the vast majority of houses under construction in Russia will still not reach the “green” standard, since in their mass construction in the Russian Federation is an economy class, experts of the Dvizh pro nedvizh channel believe:

“Why, for example, should a developer plant a garden on the roof of a human settlement or make the roof exploitable? The same applies to fine finishes, ponds or fountains within 500 meters of the house. The same questions apply to the "smart home", flood sensors, energy class A. And especially to the architectural interaction with the environment, where budget panels absolutely do not fit.

Another point is the involvement of a third party in the acceptance, which was not involved in the design and construction. Will budget builders go for it? Hardly…"

However, another look at this case suggests that in most new buildings of business class and above, a lot of criteria are already met.

“For example, experts explain, charging stations for electric vehicles, bike parking and so appear there. There, even without a standard, there is a really high-quality finish - both pre-finishing and finishing. As a result, we can expect that the business class will add an extra 3-5% to the price simply for meeting the “green” standard.

In the future, this “tick”, however, may be a plus for future buyers: projects for preferential lending to “green” new buildings are being actively discussed. And in the matter of both mortgages and project financing. So an additional status can help lower your monthly payments. But only if the rates really will be decently reduced, and the demand will be higher than that of residential complexes without a “green” mark..."