Posted 7 ноября 2022, 13:39

Published 7 ноября 2022, 13:39

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Muscovites complained about receiving subpoenas after the completion of mobilization

7 ноября 2022, 13:39
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A resident of Tsaritsyn received a summons (PHOTO), according to which he must arrive at the military registration and enlistment office on November 14th. At the same time, the mobilization activities, according to the statements of officials, were completed.
Moscow region

According to the Telegram channel "Caution, Moscow", at least seven people got into a similar situation.

“The Moscow commissariat is extending the summons to conscripts who are unnecessary in the SVO, referring to the absence of a decree on the completion of mobilization”, - reports “Caution, Moscow”.

Фото: «Осторожно, Москва»

The source tells about seven mobilized in September, who were subsequently returned home due to the lack of need to involve them in the special operation. At the same time, citizens continue to be mobilized and cannot return to work.

“The military registration and enlistment office of Tsaritsyno entered new specialties of “shooter” into their military and issues new agendas for different dates, despite the completion of mobilization. According to the mobilized, the military registration and enlistment office tells them that the mobilization is not over, because there is no decree on this”, - the message of the Telegram channel says.

According to Podyom , the military enlistment office of the Tsaritsyno district refused to explain the situation, pointing out that anyone can take such photos.

“Who told you about this agenda? I'll print ten subpoenas for you now - so what? And I can show a photo of the summons issued a hundred years ago,” the military registration and enlistment office said.

The publication spoke with the head of the Moscow Military Bar Association, Vladimir Trignin, who indicated that the agenda in the photo is not mobilization. He added that military registration and enlistment offices have the right to send summonses to clarify the data of those liable for military service. According to him, recipients of such subpoenas will not necessarily be sent to the army. The expert noted that military registration and enlistment offices can go for a trick, and the purpose of the call will become a formality in order to send a person liable for military service to draft events: a medical board and so on.

“There is no gross violation on the part of the military registration and enlistment offices here. The decree has not really been canceled, it continues to operate. And if mobilization activities are not carried out, this does not mean that there is no mobilization”, - summed up Trignin.