Posted 6 ноября 2022, 21:36

Published 6 ноября 2022, 21:36

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Musk promised to add support for long texts and content monetization to Twitter

6 ноября 2022, 21:36
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In the American social network Twitter (banned in the Russian Federation), it will soon be possible to add long texts. This was announced by the new owner of the company Elon Musk (pictured). The billionaire also promised to introduce monetization of all forms of content on the platform.

“Twitter will soon add the ability to attach long text to tweets, putting an end to the absurd practice of taking screenshots from notepad. Monetization will follow for creators of all forms of content”, - Musk said on his Twitter account.

At the moment, the length of messages on the social network is limited to 280 characters, so users often had to take a screenshot to post texts.

On October 31, it became known that Musk intends to introduce a paid subscription with Twitter Blue user verification for $20. The day before, users from some countries had such an opportunity for $ 8.

The American billionaire acquired Twitter for $44 billion, which was reported on October 28. Immediately after that, the entrepreneur engaged in large-scale reshuffles and innovations in the acquired company. Immediately after the purchase, the leadership of the social network was fired. In addition, the businessman announced the dismissal of half of the employees due to excess costs - 3.7 thousand people out of a staff of 7,500 employees. The day before it became known that he carried out the plan.

The layoffs affected the moderators of the social network. In this regard, many brands are afraid to use the site for marketing purposes due to the risks of content being adjacent to unacceptable statements. Musk acknowledged that Twitter has already faced losses due to advertiser exits.