Posted 6 ноября 2022, 21:36

Published 6 ноября 2022, 21:36

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NYT reported on the preparation of Kiev for a "total evacuation"

6 ноября 2022, 21:36
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Officials in Kiev have begun preparations in the event of a complete blackout of the Ukrainian capital's power supply. The plan involves the evacuation of about three million residents of the city. This was reported by the New York Times (NYT), citing local authorities.

Officials in the Ukrainian capital say they have begun planning for a once-unthinkable possibility: a total power outage that will require the evacuation of the city's estimated three million residents.

The day before, the national energy company of Ukraine announced the introduction of rolling blackouts in seven regions. This was done in order to stabilize the country's energy system. Director of the Department of Municipal Security of the Kiev city administration Roman Tkachuk, in an interview with the NYT , spoke about the risk of losing electricity in Kiev.

“We could lose our entire power supply system”, - Tkachuk said in an interview.

If it is impossible to prevent the failure of the power supply system, the Kiev authorities will warn the residents of the capital about this 12 hours in advance. The official noted that in such a scenario, the people of Kiev would be notified and also asked to leave the city.

The failure of the power supply system, in addition to the lack of electricity, also implies problems with the water supply and the operation of other city systems. Earlier, the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, announced the risks of a complete shutdown of water, electricity and heating in the Ukrainian capital. He also reported about 450 thousand apartments left without electricity, and also called on the people of Kiev to save electricity to prevent overloading the country's energy system.