Posted 8 ноября 2022,, 06:34

Published 8 ноября 2022,, 06:34

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Professor Savelyev explained why one should not worry too much about the "atomic Apocalypse"

8 ноября 2022, 06:34
Professor Sergey Savelyev recorded a video in which he explained why one should not worry too much about the "atomic Apocalypse".

“But what about the coming Apocalypse?

The fact is that quite recently, a group of very rich people, such as Bezos and the famous kangaroo Mask, gathered and called one of the immigrants from Russia, who was supposed to explain the future to them.

He, like all decent Russians who have gone to the West, sells air, that is, the future, stories about how it will be. Usually this does not happen, but it is possible to sell something.

In general, they invited him, for a lot of money, they brought him on a private plane, which is the same for them as buying a steering wheel for you. And with pleasure we listened to him about how to build underground bunkers, provide them with water and air, how to skillfully spoil so as not to go outside, and about other wonderful things that worry idiotic billionaires. That is, about how to be saved in the event of the Apocalypse.

That is, the situation in their sick heads naturally turns into the Apocalypse. Complete idiocy.

However, all this is happening in our time, and in reality, not in a fantasy film. That is, we can talk about it.

What is everyone afraid of? Everyone is afraid of some kind of atomic Apocalypse.

Yes, after the explosion of the first bomb, I think the main thing from which we can all die, the entire planet, and very quickly, is from mass defecation, which will wash away the entire population, in general, from the surface of planet Earth, that is, this may not happen from due to radioactive contamination. Which is exactly what we see now.

But what is really happening? Actually, it's not all that bad.

First, the resources that the European countries and the Americans have been saving for a long time, who only maintained the appearance of a military advantage, are running out.

And when the money and funds for the production of these pieces of iron run out, all these terrible stories, frightening, they end. Because a soldier is always needed for a cannon, a soldier always needs food, clothes. Both on our side and on their side. So there are no miracles. This is a very expensive item.

And for a long time no one will spend money on the fall of the global economy. It is nonsense. And not a single war in the history of mankind - no matter whether the Punic war, or the war in the XIX or XX centuries - did not start on the fall of the economy.

Therefore, in general, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Of course, there is a panic associated with the fact that the reorganization of the world is coming, with the division of the economy into zones, but this is a painful process, and all today's massacre is due to the fact that people who until recently could control the world at the snap of their fingers did nothing of the sort. know how.

The financial oligarchy lost power for a simple reason: the digital people, which arose from nothing, gradually transferred the money of citizens, which they use directly from banks, into their systems. Result: the global banking system has lost 50% of its customers, which is tantamount to death for it. As a result, they began to lose power. And no one gives up power just like that, they fight for money to the last, which, in fact, is happening.

But since they have lost, in fact, power, the entire system of the world order is falling apart. Because for digital people it doesn’t matter where the guilder, dollar or ruble comes from, they don’t care about it, they have personal relationships with people. And banks have relationships with states, with officials, and all that shit, pardon my French, which is now flourishing. But this prosperity is ending before our eyes.

How will the matter end? Very simple things. The world will be divided into zones that will have nothing to do with the old economy, and we will observe the differentiation of currency systems, it has already begun.

The entire issue with the participation of Sergei Savelyev can be viewed here.