Posted 8 ноября 2022, 16:12

Published 8 ноября 2022, 16:12

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The Ministry of Defense clarified the procedure for paying monetary allowances to mobilized

8 ноября 2022, 16:12
195,000 rubles is the minimum amount that will be paid to military personnel called up as part of partial mobilization, said Sergey Mikischenko, a spokesman for the financial block of the Defense Ministry. Monthly payments to sergeants and officers will be higher.

"This amount consists of the monthly social payment and the monetary allowance of the serviceman, which primarily depends on the salary for the military position occupied by the serviceman, the salary for the military rank and length of service. So, an ordinary motorized rifleman will receive at least 195,000 rubles”, - Mikischenko said.

He specified that the platoon commander would receive about 225,000 rubles, and the battalion commander - about 243,000 rubles. Funds will be transferred to a bank card from the 10th to the 20th day of each month for the previous month of service.

The monetary allowance of a serviceman called up as part of partial mobilization is subject to income tax in the same way as for all servicemen doing military service under a contract, but the payment of 158 thousand rubles, established by the president, will not be taxed.

On November 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a one-time payment in the amount of 195,000 rubles to mobilized and military personnel who are serving under a contract in the Russian Armed Forces.