Posted 8 ноября 2022,, 09:04

Published 8 ноября 2022,, 09:04

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“You will go to the prison as a “prag”!” How the security forces tortured the detained "terrorists" (video)

8 ноября 2022, 09:04
Human rights activists fear that the arrested “participants of the terrorist underground” will be forced to retract their allegations of torture and abuse.

Ivan Zubov

Despite high-profile high-profile cases initiated in recent years against Russian security forces, who subjected their victims to severe torture in order to force them to confess to crimes, such crimes are not decreasing. The other day, another one came out. As the Russian media and social networks have already reported, on August 30, Russian security forces detained two anti-fascists Nikita Oleinik and Roman Paklin, who, according to investigators, had an explosive - they allegedly wanted to use it in the area of the Tyumen thermal power plant. On September 2, they were charged with making weapons, and in addition, Oleinik was accused of “creating a terrorist community” because of “his hatred of the current state regime”, and Paklin of participating in it.

In total, as part of this case, six people were arrested in Tyumen, Surgut and Yekaterinburg: Tyumen residents Kirill Brik, Deniz Aidyn, Daniil Chertykov, Yuri Neznamov and two Surgut residents Roman Paklin and Nikita Oleinik.

And in early November, human rights activists became aware that at least three of them, by order of the investigator, were transferred from SIZO-1 of Tyumen to SIZO-2 of Zavodoukovsk, but the reason for this was not disclosed.

Human rights activists fear that such an emergency transfer to a detention center in another city may be an attempt to put pressure on those arrested. The fact is that all the detainees complained about the most severe torture they were subjected to by the security forces, and now they are thus forced to renounce allegations of torture. They said that after being detained they were beaten, tortured with electric shocks, forced to squat and sing nationalist songs.

The channel "Tyumen case", for example, provides the full text of the interview of one of the arrested, Roman Paklin, who, in particular, says:

“At one point, when I was lying on the floor in handcuffs, the first male policeman (captain) came down to me, unbuttoned my pants and said that he would rape me and that I would go to the prison like a prag ("sex slave", “cock” in Russian prison - editor's note). I was confused and asked why they mock me. There was no answer, they turned on the current again, but stronger.

According to him, after the bullying of the security forces, his arm was taken away and pains appeared in his heart.

According to Paklin, the very confession to “participation in a terrorist organization” looked like this: “Before signing the prepared forms, I told the lawyer [Senik Oksana Vyacheslavovna] that the policemen tortured me, used physical force and demanded to sign interrogation protocols. The lawyer said that I myself should decide what to do, but if I sign, I will go to the pre-trial detention center and the torture will end.”

Roman signed a confession in the case of preparations for a terrorist attack.

There is practically no doubt that the rest of the "members of the terrorist organization" confessed to their "crimes" in the same way.

This is confirmed by lawyer Andrei Belkin, who spoke about the torture and abduction of his client Daniil Chertykov. According to the lawyer, Chertykov was seized in the evening and pushed into an SUV. They put him between the rows of seats and put their feet on him. Then they were brought to the department. They began interrogating Anifist, periodically hitting him with a truncheon on his legs and the back of his head. Several times I was forced to do squats and count. Then they took me home, conducted a search, returned to the department and continued. After that, they were transported to Tyumen. Another defendant in the case, Yuri Neznamov, was tortured with a bag, water and electric shock, and was also forced to sign blank sheets.

Now, one of the human rights activists, on condition of anonymity, told journalists of radio

“We are worried about the guys. There is a high probability that torture may resume in Zavodoukovsk.” He believes that this was done in order to put further pressure on the accused, including forcing them to retract their allegations of torture.

And Roman Paklin's lawyer Vladimir Loparev confirmed that his client intends to hold the security forces accountable:

“According to all the statements of my client, we immediately turned to the bodies of the Investigative Committee, an audit is underway. We are waiting for the results. We also do not agree with the measure of restraint in the form of detention and will appeal against it”.