Posted 9 ноября 2022,, 11:37

Published 9 ноября 2022,, 11:37

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If a loved one was mobilized: advice from a psychologist

If a loved one was mobilized: advice from a psychologist

9 ноября 2022, 11:37
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A professional psychologist explains how to help yourself and your family during this difficult period

Psychologist, co-founder of Dmitry Raevsky’s network of integrative medicine clinics , founder of the psychological support hotline in difficult situations Karina Yeremyan told how to help yourself and your family if you have a loved one mobilized, how to tell children about it and support them during this difficult period.

Calm down through bodywork

If your loved one was mobilized, and you are experiencing severe anxiety, fear for him, then you can help yourself through work with the body. You need to feel what it wants, how it wants to live these emotions. Usually, when the body is afraid, the desire is to become numb, freeze, or shake. Let him do it: shake, shrink, etc. And do this until the feeling changes to complete relaxation or another emotion. In the second case, you also need to feel what the body wants at this moment and again allow yourself to live this emotion with the help of it. Thus, we do not drown it out and do not continue to experience every second within ourselves, but by living, we allow it to come to the surface. This will help to come to calmness and the adequacy of understanding what to do next.

live now

Anxieties and fears are always from the area of the future, something that may never happen. Only the present matters, we can influence it, filling today with strength and confidence, and send this message to tomorrow.


After you have lived through fear, try to feel, find inside yourself a state of faith and support for a loved one. If we are afraid for someone close, we are worried, then low-frequency vibrations come from us. This is intuitively read, and in fact we are only making things worse. When we look for a look of faith and support from the depths of our hearts, we peer into what our loved one is real, then it opens up to us that if he went to NWO, it means that he can really help there. We begin to deeply believe in him, to feel his inner strength. And the feeling of fear changes into a state of strength and support for your loved one, giving the necessary sense of security. We share them with our loved ones.

Do breathing practice

It is very simple and effective. Take a deep breath in through your nose and a deep breath out through your mouth. When exhaling, we first relax the eyelids, then the forehead, crown, and gradually reach all parts of the body. Such breathing reduces or completely removes heat, nervous tension.

This practice can be done several times during the day, starting with a few minutes and leading up to half an hour or more, determining by how you feel how much time you need.

Listen to harmony music

A study by neuroscientist Don Kent says that music has a significant effect on the human body: it equalizes pressure and breathing, changes the pulse, and reduces the effects of fatigue. Also, harmonious music helps to restore and maintain psychological balance, an internal resource and can become a good helper for a person who sent a loved one to the front.

How to tell a child that dad is leaving for SVO

The connection between mother and child is very strong, and the younger he is, the stronger it is. The condition of the child directly depends on the mother. Children feel everything and read their relatives well, so it is useless to lie to them. It's better to tell the truth. Only not from a position of weakness, pain and fear, but try to find a different attitude: our dad (brother, uncle) is strong, he is a hero, he goes to protect other grandparents, mothers and their children.

First of all, it is necessary to show by example that you can not be afraid for dad, but you can believe in him, support him, see how strong he is, that he can handle it.

How to survive in these difficult times?

Wake up strength and confidence in yourself, direct them to your men, and this will strengthen them many times over and protect them from any dangers.

Unite, create circles of strength and support, believe, sing songs, sing fears, hug more often. Take joint actions with loved ones, cook, clean. Do not worry alone, share what you care about and help each other. There are always those who need your help and support.