Posted 10 ноября 2022,, 10:47

Published 10 ноября 2022,, 10:47

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"Kommersant": in Sheremetyevo offered to remove passengers from the flight in excess of hand luggage

"Kommersant": in Sheremetyevo offered to remove passengers from the flight in excess of hand luggage

10 ноября 2022, 10:47
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Sheremetyevo Airport offered airlines to remove passengers from the flight if they arrived at the landing with excess hand luggage. This was reported by the Kommersant publication, citing a letter from the Sheremetyevo Handling company serving the airport.

“The fact is that the Federal Air Transport Agency in the summer demanded that airports strictly comply with the requirements for re-screening personal belongings when checking in luggage, which threatens with flight delays. The airlines say that they can remove passengers from the flight anyway, but this rarely happens, ”Kommersant reports .

According to the publication, the corresponding letter was sent to the base airlines of the airport on October 31. The letter says that the procedure for screening and re-registration of hand luggage as luggage takes from 20 minutes. If you need to go to the manual screening room, then it takes at least 55 minutes. According to the airport, this may result in flight delays, passengers' complaints about shortages in the event that prohibited items are removed by airport employees.

As a solution, it is proposed to remove overweight passengers from the flight in terms of hand luggage, bring them into the cabin at the discretion of the airlines, and send such luggage on the next flight. The requirement of the Federal Air Transport Agency is the order of the Ministry of Transport No. 104, which states that a second inspection is possible if there is information about the threat of an act of unlawful interference. If the inspection led to the delay of the passenger, then it is necessary to take "measures to send him on the next flight." Refusal to pre-screen, according to the Air Code, is considered a violation of the contract of carriage and its termination by the passenger.

In practice, airlines allow you to bring things into the cabin or put them in baggage without re-inspection. According to the Ministry of Transport, this may lead to flight delays. The agency also pointed out the need to strengthen aviation security measures.

A Kommersant source said that the airlines criticized the Sheremetyevo proposal, indicating that the established practice does not cause problems. At the same time, the airlines had the opportunity to remove from the flight a passenger with an overweight in hand luggage. The Red Wings noted that these are isolated cases. The reason for the refusal is a violation of the rules of the airlines and, consequently, the contract of carriage by the passenger.

“Vnukovo noted that many airlines prefer to load hand luggage into the luggage compartment under the aircraft, “believing that it has been screened,” although this is prohibited. Domodedovo said that “if the airline decides to place hand luggage in the luggage compartment, then it should be possible to conduct a second inspection,” the agency’s interlocutor said about the situation at other airports.

The head of the All-Russian Association of Passengers, Ilya Zotov, said that the non-admission of overweight passengers to the flight, according to the law, is possible if he refuses to pay for baggage.