Posted 14 ноября 2022,, 06:01

Published 14 ноября 2022,, 06:01

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Helly Hensen left the Russian market

Helly Hensen left the Russian market

14 ноября 2022, 06:01
Helly Hensen, a sportswear and travel apparel company, has handed over its trading business in Russia to local top managers. They intend to create a network of multi-brand stores Move.

According to Vedomosti, citing Igor Roganovich, CEO of the Russian Helly Hansen, renamed Retail RC, Helly Hensen had 48 outlets in the country, seven of which were franchised. The first store was opened in Russia in 2013.

The company's revenue from business in Russia last year amounted to 2.4 billion rubles, and net profit - 500.5 million rubles.

The suspension of the brand in Russia became known in March. Some stores have begun to sell off their inventory. Now under the name "Hansen" there are six outlets. Their production will end in two to three months.

It should be noted that at the beginning of November, only half of foreign companies left the Russian business, despite tough anti-Russian sanctions. Companies that are directly focused on the end consumer and “sell” their brand leave so as not to spoil his reputation. But a large number of foreign companies continue to work on the Russian market or have only suspended their activities: among American companies, there are slightly less than half of them, among German companies - 70%, among French and Japanese - more than 60%.