Posted 14 ноября 2022,, 12:00

Published 14 ноября 2022,, 12:00

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“I’ll accept a car, but not very old one, as a gift…” Ukrainian refugees settle in the USA

14 ноября 2022, 12:00
For some reason, the state of Florida is especially popular among Ukrainian refugees, where food and housing are the most expensive and it is very difficult to find a job.

One of the most important factors in the global crisis was the huge number of refugees from Ukraine who flooded Western countries, including the United States. About how they settle down in this "melting pot", an American, and himself an immigrant himself in the recent past, scientist Vadim Olshevsky writes in his blog:

Social networks are full of groups of Russian-speaking immigrants in America. Mostly in cities and states, Russians in New York, Russians in San Diego. In one of these Russian groups, in Florida, there has been a srach between Ukrainians and Americans for several months now. Ukrainians who have just arrived put ads like “I will accept a car as a gift, but not very old one”. And the old-timers immediately happily explain in chorus that in America you have to plow, not beg.

It is interesting that, judging by these groups, the main flow of Ukrainian refugees went to Florida. Some explain this by saying that the ticket to Miami is the cheapest. Others are that Florida seems like a good place to live. Ocean, warm climate. In fact, Florida, especially Miami, is far from the best option. Rent is expensive, food is expensive. There is no work. But everyone wants to go there.

The most typical announcements come from those who have not arrived yet. “A family of three is looking for a sponsor for the U4U program. All you need is a signature, and we will earn a living ourselves”. Immediately, the choir of well-wishers explains to the Ukrainians that, according to the law, the sponsor must personally know the visitors, and that they ask strangers for perjury. And the USA is not Ukraine for you, here people do not break the law. Others explain to Ukrainians that the sponsor signs a paper on financial support and must pay rent for them, etc. Ukrainians object that a signature is a signature, but in practice this law on financial support is not implemented, responsibility is only on paper. And they are again explained that here is a law-abiding country and they don’t cheat like in Ukraine.

They are immediately explained that it is better to go to Germany or Canada, where there are strong support programs for immigrants. And that there is nothing for them to count on the fact that they will be able to settle down in cruel America. Here you are not there!

Americans are happy to bring Ukrainians to clean water. Are you three people? Husband, wife and son? And how did the husband leave Ukraine? People of military age are not released. So you are not in Ukraine. And the U4U program is exclusively for people physically located in Ukraine.

Both sides are surprised. On the one hand, Ukrainians do, for some reason, go to one of the most expensive states, where labor is not really needed. And they really expect to be able to get settled. What cars will give them, they will take to work. Sometimes they are offered a car, a 1977 Honda. Ukrainians refuse to accept this junk.

And on the other hand, the old-timers demonstrate some kind of anger, it turns out, very widespread. And it's not on a national basis. Old-timers-Ukrainians are also involved in this. They tell horror stories about how the sponsor signed the documents, and those who arrived found a job for cash, they do not pay taxes, so the sponsor was obliged to pay them benefits.

Some left-wing firms operate in these groups, they offer Ukrainians to find a sponsor for money. According to rumors, they take money and disappear..."