Posted 14 ноября 2022,, 11:47

Published 14 ноября 2022,, 11:47

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Stinger on wheels: US will give Ukraine a short-range anti-aircraft missile system

Stinger on wheels: US will give Ukraine a short-range anti-aircraft missile system

14 ноября 2022, 11:47
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The US administration has decided to provide the Ukrainian armed forces with another $400 million aid package.

Alexander Sychev

In addition to the list of previously supplied weapons and ammunition, the list included four self-propelled short-range anti-aircraft missile systems AN / TWQ-1 Avenger (“Avenger”). The entire set will be sourced from US stocks.

Washington and its allies are methodically trying to limit the freedom of the Russian Air Force in the skies over Ukraine by supplying various air defense systems to Kiev. The Ukrainian army has already received or is expecting the widely publicized US-Norwegian NASAMS (National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System), German IRIS-T SLM, American HAWK, as well as Italian-designed Aspide complexes that the Spaniards offered them. “Basically, we are creating an air defense network with different ranges”, - said Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh, describing the latest aid package. “Avenger should strengthen the cover of tactical groups on the line of contact, primarily from drones.”

The Americans first introduced the Avenger at the Farnborough Air Show (UK) in 1990. The complex, developed by the Boeing Aerospace Company and General Electric, is placed on the chassis of an HMMWV off-road vehicle, which is capable of speeds of just over one hundred kilometers per hour on the roads and more than 560 kilometers on one gas station. The US military considers high mobility to be one of the advantages of the system, which should increase the level of survivability of the air defense being created.

If necessary, the complex can be dismantled and installed in a permanent position. In the United States itself, the Avenger is part of the airspace defense system over Washington.

The complex consists of two twin four-barrel launchers equipped with FIM-92 Stinger missiles. The very ones that, in a figurative version, Washington has already handed over to the Ukrainian military by the thousands. In addition to eight rockets, the Belgian M3P Browning machine gun of 12.7 mm caliber is included in the weapon block.

The sighting system consists of an infrared camera, an optical sight, a laser rangefinder and its own radar station. The detection system is all-weather.

Moreover, the Avenger can interact with the AN / MPQ-64 Sentinel radar. The United States and Australia have already delivered several pieces to Ukraine. The use of a 3D phased array radar increases the detection range of targets, data on which can be transmitted via fiber optic cable to Avenger operators.

The classic version of the radar detects targets at a distance of 40 kilometers, and also accompanies and identifies them. The radar is mounted on a single-axle trailer and can be controlled remotely.

The Avenger also includes a remote control that allows the operator and driver to stay away from the system in case of detection.

The anti-aircraft missile system is designed to destroy air targets on a collision course and in pursuit at altitudes from 300 meters to 3.8 kilometers and ranges up to 5.5 kilometers.

Missiles are supplied in standard launch tubes, which are also used in a portable version. Therefore, Kiev will have no problems with ammunition. Another advantage is that training is practically not required. Stinger missiles are well known to the Ukrainian military.

Finally, the US Army is currently replacing the Avengers with new maneuverable short-range air defense systems (M-SHORAD), built on the basis of the Stryker eight-wheeled armored vehicle. The released Avenger will have to be disposed of. At least some of them, Washington will be able to throw off Kiev without much damage to the defense capability of the United States itself.