Posted 15 ноября 2022,, 09:24

Published 15 ноября 2022,, 09:24

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Financial intelligence requested the right to video recordings from banks and ATMs

Financial intelligence requested the right to video recordings from banks and ATMs

15 ноября 2022, 09:24
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Rosfinmonitoring became interested in photographs and videos held by financial institutions. The agency decided to obtain the right to request these materials from banks for the purposes of combating the cashing out of funds and the financing of terrorism.

Corresponding amendments were made to the second reading of the draft law on amendments to the main “anti-money laundering” law. According to RBC, the Federal Financial Monitoring Service developed these amendments on behalf of the government. The requirements will affect materials already available to organizations, additional filming will not be organized.

Financial Intelligence will be interested in data from cameras that are installed in the bank branches themselves, as well as on ATMs and terminals that record the process of customer service. This is how it is supposed to establish the “real holder of a bank card” and determine the location of persons who are wanted.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has already familiarized itself with such proposals and believes that they require additional discussion with the banking community.

As experts explained, banks conduct video filming, as this is provided for by internal anti-fraud procedures. Data can be provided by the relevant court decision. There is no single regulation that would establish the format of an entry in banks or the storage period for this entry. In addition, the financial institution itself does not always have quick access to such files, because entries in ATMs, for example, can be stored in the memory of the device itself and deleted after a certain time.

It should be noted that as of September 1 this year, 25.7 thousand bank branches were operating in the country, and as of June 30, 175 thousand ATMs were installed.

In March, we recall, Rosfinmonitoring requested access to registry office documents regarding the change of name or death of persons listed as extremists or terrorists. According to some experts, access to the registry office threatens to leak the personal data of Russians.