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Published 16 ноября 2022,, 15:53

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Combat constructor: Iran has created a missile capable of operating in several modes

Combat constructor: Iran has created a missile capable of operating in several modes

16 ноября 2022, 15:53
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The new Iranian Saqr-1 hybrid missile combines the characteristics of a conventional anti-aircraft system and loitering ammunition

Alexander Sychev

The first evidence of the existence of Saqr-1 appeared several years ago. It was reported, for example, that in 2019 it was used by the Zaidi Shia paramilitary group operating in Yemen and raising an armed uprising against the government in 2004.

Then a message flashed in the US press that the Americans managed to intercept a certain cargo ship, in the hold of which they found parts of this rocket and launchers. The Americans called the complex "Product 358". Specialists assembled the installation, but could not understand how it works. Control panels were not found in the holds.

Finally, most recently, Tehran demonstrated the Saqr-1 complex during a military parade.

The rocket is of the greatest interest in this complex, because a rail is used to launch, obliquely fixed on a transport platform. The Saqr-1 rocket is 2.75 meters long and 152 millimeters in diameter. Weight does not exceed 50 kilograms.

The launch is carried out using a solid propellant engine, which is screwed to the body. The accelerator is 1.8 meters long and weighs 15 kilograms. The accelerator raises the rocket to the desired height and accelerates it to the required speed, after which it fires back. At this stage, the regular turbojet engine is turned on, which is capable of accelerating the Saqr-1 to a speed of 2160 kilometers per hour.

High speed is necessary in order to quickly cover most of the way to the target and increase the resistance of the missile to air defense systems. On the final trajectory, the speed is halved. Slowdown allows you to increase the maneuverability of the ammunition and the accuracy of its guidance.

The maximum distance depends on the weight of the ammunition. The most commonly used high-explosive fragmentation warhead can weigh about 10 kilograms. The maximum flight range does not exceed 100 kilometers.

In general, not only the accelerator is screwed into the Iranian rocket. It all consists of separate blocks and is transported in this form. The compartments connect easily. Even a non-professional will assemble it in a matter of minutes.

The hybrid nature of the rocket is manifested in the fact that it is capable of operating in several modes. The first function is the destruction of air targets: drones, helicopters, cruise missiles and even aircraft. Undermining a high-explosive fragmentation charge occurs at a short distance from the target.

But if there was no air target in a given area, then the same missile can be used as loitering ammunition against ground targets. Saqr-1 rises to a predetermined altitude, after which it is in search for 15 minutes. All this time, the rocket flies along a trajectory resembling a figure eight. She explores the area using an infrared camera and 16 laser sensors. Having found the target, it notifies the operator, who gives the command to attack. When approaching the target, the warhead explodes, destroying enemy manpower and lightly armored vehicles that are in the affected area with fragments and a blast wave.

The combination of functions in one product, perhaps from poverty. Iran has been under sanctions for a long time and cannot afford a weapon with a narrow specialization, which is certainly better than a universal one. It is tailored to perform a specific task, and, therefore, not a set of additional equipment. Less weight, better flight performance.

But universal weapons do not need accurate data. For some reason, not finding an air target in a certain area, the ammunition can do other things. For the Iranians, obviously, the main thing is the result, and it consists in causing any damage to the enemy.

In addition, it cannot be ruled out that the Sakr-1 is a representative of a trend in weapons. An anti-aircraft missile that has not changed for decades is becoming “smart” and, accordingly, more omnivorous. It is possible that in the future any ammunition will receive control capabilities and expand the range of targets hit. Relevant design work is already underway in a number of countries.