Posted 16 ноября 2022,, 08:37

Published 16 ноября 2022,, 08:37

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Turkish hotels warn of 30-50% price increases next summer

Turkish hotels warn of 30-50% price increases next summer

16 ноября 2022, 08:37
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Representatives of the hotel business in Turkey reported that prices in Turkish hotels will increase by 30-50% next summer. This is explained by the increased demand for holidays in the country, food inflation, and the need to increase salaries for employees. Thus, hoteliers plan to compensate for the increased costs.

“Inflation is high in Turkey this year, prices for some products have increased five times. A cup of coffee has risen in price from 15 lira to 55 lira. The state has also raised the minimum wages of workers. Therefore, we are forced to raise prices next year to compensate for the costs”, - said Gunay Shaban, a representative of the Seven Seas Gravel Select hotel in Kemer (Interfax quote).

He said these words during a working meeting between foreign hoteliers and Russian travel agencies. The event was organized by tour operator Coral Travel.

Shaban said that prices in Turkish hotels by the next summer season will increase by at least 50% in euro terms. At the moment, early booking rooms can be booked with a discount of up to 30%, he said, adding that the current increase is 20%.

The hotel is part of the OTI Hotels&Resorts chain, popular among Russians. According to the statement of the hotel representative, the share of the Russian market last summer was 70%. The remaining rooms rested mainly tourists from Turkey and Europe.

“Kemer is traditionally popular with Russians, so we had no problems with loading, although there was a decrease in flow at the beginning of summer. But in the end this summer season was better than last year. In winter, the hotel will continue to operate, and we already have reservations from the Russian market for this period,” said Shaban.

The representative of the large hotel group Kilit Hospitality Global, Guzel Kiyak, also reported price increases next summer. According to her, rooms will rise in price by an average of 30-50%.

“There is a very high inflation in Turkey, prices are rising. In addition, we need to develop and maintain the level of service, which directly depends on salaries, on how motivated the employee is. And how can you increase his salary next year if you don't raise prices? On average, the price increase will be from 30 to 50% . This year we had a price of 90-95 euros for a double room, next year it will be 130-140 euros”, - Kiyjak said.

She reported that this summer hotels were 100% occupied. According to her, the workload remains high even in November. Kiyak noted that this is due to the growing popularity of Turkish hotels among Russian and European tourists. According to Interfax, earlier the cultural and tourism attache of the Turkish embassy said that the number of foreign tourists in the country for the year turned out to be higher than the predicted level. At the end of the year, the indicator will be in the region of 50 million vacationers, of which 5 million are citizens of the Russian Federation.