Posted 17 ноября 2022,, 07:12

Published 17 ноября 2022,, 07:12

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Alexander Peske: “Is German Interior Minister Nancy Fezer an idiot or an enemy?”

Alexander Peske: “Is German Interior Minister Nancy Fezer an idiot or an enemy?”

17 ноября 2022, 07:12
Journalist Alexander Peske, founder of the Russian Switzerland publishing house, asks on his YouTube channel who the Minister of the Interior of Germany, Nancy Fezer, is.

She recently made a special trip to Qatar, taking one of the country's most famous gay men with her, to ask the Qataris for security guarantees for LGBT people at the upcoming World Cup.

“Describing this man, I am at a loss.

Who is this? Is this a person who is not intellectually up to par? Is it an idiot or is it an enemy and a pest?

You know, but on the first scale, where a person is narrow-minded or an idiot, she does not pull. She has a good family, she was born, I will surprise you, with dad and mom, in 1970.

She lived quietly and peacefully, everything is fine, she graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Frankfurt am Main, her father was a burgomaster, and her mother was also an official.

Everything about this woman was always good. She worked for an American, surprisingly, company. All her life she participated in the movement of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, there weren’t enough stars from the sky, but everything was fine with her anyway.

So, why am I, once again, focusing my attention on this person? In my stories, fairy tales and legends that I tell you through this channel, she appears with enviable regularity, because she is a person of fantastic ideological blindness.

She is the Minister of the Interior of the Federal Republic of Germany, and is also responsible for women's issues, that is, she is a feminist - family and sports. This is her superministry. Flashes with his stupid antics.

And yesterday I came across her in one program, where it was about the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. Nancy Fezer did not have enough time to come to the studio and she broadcast through the screen, but she had enough time to fly to Qatar to beat out guarantees for tourists and in general for people who visit Qatar.

I was discouraged.

I personally was in Qatar, but no one gave me any guarantees, but nothing terrible happened to me in Qatar, everything is worthy, everything is clear. Yes, you are in a Muslim country, yes, please, let's not drunken antics, without bare legs and arms of women, but at the same time everything is quite worthy.

But Feser flew to Qatar with a large delegation, including a well-known guy in Germany named Benjamin Nessler. The name is directly biblical. And what is he known for, as a preacher or as someone else?

Nooo! Benjamin Nessler is Mr gay of Germany, that is, the main gay of Germany, the main handsome man, he is a nurse by profession.

Just imagine: you are a Muslim, and a man with an enema comes to you.

It's one thing if he is a certified medical officer and must do everything as it is supposed to in medical science. But you look, and lightnings of feelings of some kind of abnormal satisfaction run down his face...

Friends, you know that I am a big liberal in these matters. Everyone lives as they want... But! Nancy Fezer flew to Qatar, and this is the Minister of the Interior and Sports, to receive written guarantees on behalf of the Prime Minister that the gays would not be beaten. The fact is that in the legislation of Qatar there is a clause that sodomy is punishable by law.

The Qataris, of course, looked like this at Nancy Fezer... Well, okay: the World Cup will be held in our emirate for four weeks, and we exclude for four weeks, which means we exclude this fad, we make a moratorium ... So if your German football fans, you understand what…

But, by the way, there are not so many of them. I am a shareholder of a football club and I have never seen these obvious rainbow ones with flags in the stands.

This means that we are now forced to discuss the situation, which is so virtual, that some gays will fly to a Muslim country to watch football... But this is not the beach football of the Brazilian national team “alterations”, no, it’s ordinary football, where men with unshaven legs will hurt each other and run after the ball.

Nevertheless, Nancy Fezer flew to Qatar, taking with her Benny the nurse, Mr. planet, except as a concern about how these unfortunate people live with sexual, shall we say, variations or deviations from the so-called norm!

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